Congratulations, you lost a diamond to play with stones.

Did you actually manage to lose that special woman, that diamond that was so good on you? What for? To be able to play with stones now?

How on earth could you let her go? Hopefully, you know that anyone else would do anything to be by their side, right? You only needed a small reason for her to stay with you. There was just one piece of evidence missing so that she would have planned her future with you. She would have given you a place in her life, but you obviously didn’t think that was important.

She wanted you and she would have given you all of her love!

She saw you for who you really are and accepted all your quirks and edges. She wasn’t interested in others or what they said about you. She believed in you and appreciated your good points. She knew there was something special deep inside you, just waiting to get to the surface and she had the patience to wait for it.

She was ready to love you with all her heart and to be by your side, in good times and bad. She waited for your message in the morning and for your goodnight kiss before going to sleep in the evening. 

She accepted all of your weird hobbies and preferences and supported you in all of your dreams and goals just because she wanted you to be happy. She wanted to show you to everyone and hold your hand. She wanted to proudly tell her friends and family that you are the man of her life. She didn’t ask much in return for it. She just wanted to be able to love you and receive your love.

You just should have treated her right!

You didn’t have to fetch the stars for her or organize romantic evenings. None of this would have been necessary. She didn’t want expensive gifts either. She just wanted you to respect her. You just had to show her that you mean something and that you care for her. She would have expected just a little effort from you and she would have stayed with you.

Apparently, that was asking too much for you.

It was all too much for you. You didn’t want to lift a finger for her and you weren’t interested in making her feel good. You weren’t even ready to do a tiny little thing for her, even though you knew she did everything for you. 

You have always kept your options open and you knew that at this moment it would not leave you. You were just too scared to bond with her, so you only let her touch you occasionally.

You didn’t want to let go of your options and couldn’t do without your back door. You were convinced you deserved more and were greedy. You only thought of yourself even though she was totally selfless. 

She wasn’t your priority and you didn’t appreciate her efforts even though she did all of the things for both of you. She fought for a long time and didn’t give up, even though you kept rejecting her. She has never given up hope that you will soon realize how good she is for you. Probably any other person at this point would have left long ago, but she stayed. Unfortunately, you never realized it! You never thanked her or returned the favor. Everything was natural for you and you thought that she would never leave your side. You thought she’d keep fighting for you. However, you were wrong.

At one point she was simply tired of doing anything for someone who didn’t care whether she stayed or left. You weren’t very interested in her if you’re being honest. Maybe you thought you wanted her in the meantime, but deep down you still believed that there were better ones out there.

She held your back and kept pushing your ego. But it was just your plan B. That’s why you lost it. Because she was just your contingency plan and you didn’t care about her feelings. You held her out by her long arm and made her beg. And at that moment you had already lost her. You lost her when you didn’t want to fight for her and when you pushed her away.

You behaved really badly towards her and kept showing her how little you valued her. You were the one who made her feel like she was all alone even when she was with you. Chances are you’ll only get this chance to meet a woman like this once in your life, but you missed it.

She wanted to be yours, but you refused. She just needed your love and respect, but you couldn’t figure it out. You lost her and you know that she was the woman who would have made you really happy. Any other man would die for such a chance. And you rejected the woman that you longed for deep inside and that you will now try desperately to find in every woman. 

You will find that you will never find a woman like you again who was so good to you. There won’t be anyone who will love you so much. No one will admire and respect you the way they did.

But the good thing about it is that you let her go and made space in her life for her to flourish freely. She appreciates that because she now has the opportunity to find someone who loves her with all of her heart.

Would you have thought that in the end, you did everything right after all?


Congratulations, you lost a diamond to play with stones.



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