Complete and accurate guide to the most aggressive zodiac signs

There are people who are nice and fluffy, and there are people who are angry and hurtful. Today I am going to tell you about the worst and most dangerous signs of the zodiac. Who will be on this controversial horoscope list?  First of all, I want to stress that the zodiac sign does not let you know how good or bad a person will be. Everyone chooses a dark or light side for themselves. It is the foundation of free will. But a horoscope will help us find out who is more prone to outbursts of anger and aggression than others, who can be dangerous in a bad mood. The planet Mars is responsible for these qualities. Therefore, the worst signs are the natives that it protects.

In their normal state, Scorpios are calm and hospitable.

Some might find them naive. But not everyone knows that under the cover of calm, real hurricanes of strong emotions sometimes develop. Belonging to the water element , this means that the natives of this sign are also sensitive by nature.  However, Scorpios rarely show their feelings, preferring to keep them to themselves. But if you run out of his glass of patience, then the destructive force of anger will come upon you … At times like this, Scorpio is really angry, even cruel. Some believe that representatives of this sign are the most dangerous enemies. After all, Scorpios can be vindictive. It is only by purifying their souls of base passions and unworthy emotions that they are able to open themselves to kindness, peace and love. Every Scorpio must follow this path. Sometimes life seems like an eternal struggle. And above all, victory over oneself is important here.

Here is a list of the worst and most dangerous zodiac signs.

Let me remind you that a person’s behavior is not so much determined by their zodiac sign as by the degree of their personality development. And to be or not to be mean is a personal choice. The signs of the zodiac are 12 segments that divide the celestial sphere. Each of the segments is a segment that rests on an equal segment of the 30 degree ecliptic. In each of the celestial zones there are zodiac constellations which have special dates in the year. Thus, the sign of the zodiac affects human life. It affects character, temperament, fate and perception of the world. By this criterion, you can better understand and access the person. Therefore, do not underestimate its role in human life. As mentioned earlier, each sign has its own unique character traits.

Among the representatives of the stellar division there are five most difficult signs of the zodiac, which with their posture repel and sometimes frighten those around them.


A disturbing representative of the zodiac realm. It is characterized by the following character traits:

  • Stubbornness
  • Indifference
  • Cruelty
  • Selfishness
  • Revenge
  • Cunning

It is difficult to find a common language with people born under the zodiacal region of Scorpio. They are selfish and confident. There is no other opinion for them. Indeed, these people are persistent and jealous. These are people with an unbalanced psyche. They are contradictory in nature. So they are hard to beat. Even after the defeat, the Scorpio doesn’t give up, gets up and continues to walk towards their goal, wiping everything in their path.


Aries are stubborn and selfish people with their own opinion. They are difficult to manage. In them lies a wild leader who demands attention. Aries is characterized by passion. Indeed, the natives of this sign are passionate about relationships and work. They always achieve their goal. They know how to manipulate the people around them. Besides, they are characterized by impulsiveness. Reason and clarity are not for them. They live in obedience to emotions.


Gemini is a restless sign. They don’t stand still. But they are good friends. They are characterized by generosity, anxiety, whims, pleasure and eccentricity. The downside to Gemini is their hypocrisy. The natives of this sign are unpredictable in decisions and expressions. They make contact easily, but at some point they can sever all connection with the person without even explaining the reason.


Aquarius is in fourth place in the ranking. They are specific people. They tend to only accept the opinions they like. By nature, the natives of this sign are selfish and narcissistic. They differ in their determination and despotic inclinations. They are very intelligent, but they cannot control emotions. Aquarius loves solitude, independence. In the zodiac world, Aquarius is characterized as a person with a sense of duty and responsibility.


The main characteristics of Capricorn are:

  • Caution
  • Detention
  • Transparency
  • Stubbornness
  • Ambition
  • Disciplined
  • Perseverance
  • Bravery

Capricorns are people who know neither fear nor borders. They are hardworking, intelligent and persistent.

What is the most aggressive, confrontational zodiac sign?


Mars leaves its mark on Scorpio, so this zodiac sign can certainly be called militant and aggressive … But, unlike Aries, Scorpio’s anger is usually more serious, it has bigger consequences, and can last quite a long time. Scorpios store up their anger by keeping it deep inside. Often times you may not even be aware of what is going on inside him. Anger is not enough for Scorpio, he wants revenge because he loves it! If Scorpio’s anger has descended on you, know that he held it back for a very long time. Rest assured that Scorpio’s anger will not go away too quickly. In order for Scorpio to finally calm down, you need to understand the reason for their anger and eliminate them. And it’s not as easy as you might think. Usually, in order for Scorpio to show their anger and aggressiveness, you have to work hard. He does not forgive betrayal. But in everyday life, disrespect and unwillingness to deal with him can infuriate him. In rare cases, Scorpio can get aggressive even though there is no danger because they suddenly decide that the danger is there.

What are the aggressive sides of the other zodiac signs?


Aries is among the three most aggressive signs in the zodiac and this is not surprising, as Mars is the main planet of Aries and gives them aggressiveness and a desire to use force. Often times, the manifestations of Aries’ aggressiveness and anger are related to his not fully thinking about the consequences that he can hurt someone or make them look bad. He is not used to hiding his emotions and if they are negative, he immediately wants to get rid of them, venting his anger on one of his relatives.


Despite the fact that Aquarius is very freedom-loving and independent, three aggressive and contradictory signs can be attributed to them. First of all, Aquarius is used to standing up for their freedom and rights. If he feels touched, he will honestly come into conflict with you. The explosive planet Uranus, which rules Aquarius, gives unpredictability and a strong manifestation of aggression. However, the manifestation of outrage may long await its hour deep in the soul of Aquarius. You can never know what to expect next to this person and when to expect problems. You may never meet them.


Capricorns are also often seen as quite aggressive signs, although they can contain their feelings well and hide their emotions under a wall of impenetrable decency. Capricorns don’t like to go beyond the rules. They are well controlled, but still have temper tantrums. What can make him angry? Status and financial stability are very important to Capricorns, so any person or circumstance that can undermine stability and tarnish Capricorn’s reputation can provoke their righteous anger.


This other cardinal sign, despite its closed nature, is very angry and often nervous … This is because of the strong Moon on any Cancer chart that controls this sign. What can make him angry? Cancer defends his family, his loved ones, so if someone insults them, he is ready to defend the offended.


Leo’s aren’t overly confrontational and aggressive people until their dignity is insulted. But if necessary, he can also become aggressive, confrontational and short-tempered. What can make him angry? A lion can get angry when people who are trying to get bigger than him show that they are better, smarter, or that they are more successful at something.


Virgos are very reserved and rarely become confrontational and aggressive, they know how to be caustic, sarcastic and cold in front of those they do not like, and in case of embarrassment behave as calmly as possible.  What can make him angry? Neglect in any form is not Virgo’s cup of tea.


Taurus do not differ in contradictory characters, if nothing threatens their comfort and stability. They do not like open conflicts and prefer to solve problems peacefully. However, if Taurus comes up against resentment and disappointment, they will remember it for a very long time. What can make him angry? He can be unbalanced by people or circumstances that prevent him from controlling something.


Gemini is a double sign and very often they don’t say what they really mean. But above all, there isn’t so much anger and aggression in Gemini. This sign deals with a lot of things very easily, he does not like, as they say, to take the lead. He is able to be spiritual for many problems … That’s why he usually doesn’t let too many negative feelings undermine him. What can make him angry? Gemini is an air sign, so they are used to solving problems through negotiation and persuasion. If people do not want to listen to him or do not want to accept his arguments, it can irritate the representative of this sign.

The least conflicting zodiac signs


Sagittarius is a fiery and scorching zodiac sign, but unlike other fire signs, the less aggressive. The point is that the planet of Sagittarius – Jupiter – is a very noble and good planet, which does not allow Sagittarius to delve into resentment and aggression.  What can make him angry? Sagittarius can be angered by stupid, narrow-minded people who are not interested in anything and live like vegetables.


Pisces is one of the three non-conflicting zodiac signs. Like others, they prefer to solve problems without aggression, hysteria and conflict. But Pisces doesn’t solve the problem … They move away from them, so it’s hard to meet an angry Pisces.  What can make him angry? Pisces get angry when they face the reluctance of others to put themselves in their situation, pity them, or thank them.


Libra really does not like showing qualities like aggression and anger, she is not contradictory at all… Indeed, she knows how to handle situations and how to avoid scandals. It’s in his blood, because his main purpose is not to disrupt the balance – neither internally nor externally.

Complete and accurate guide to the most aggressive zodiac signs

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