You are not even 4 months pregnant that baby is talked about by his repeated kicks? If he is not already in place, you are probably wondering what he will look like in 5 years (or 3)! With this classification and the date of birth, you will have a little idea what the stars have planned for him or her …



And the palm of the most famous Astro sign comes back to … Libra! In a perpetual search for harmony, it is hard to imagine the Balance waving in all directions. He is a child without history, who eats his little pot with carrots, makes his nights without problems … In short, the quiet force.


The turbulent adjective was not invented thinking of the Virgins. Of a very calm nature, the Virgin can sometimes seem to be erased. We almost want to shake it a little (figuratively, of course). Very orderly and organized, as much as you say that issue room row, it is at the top.


It’s hard to be rowdy when you’re stuck to your parents all the time. So yes, that flatters your ego, but you do not have to become his best friend. Play it with 2-3 Scorpions or Sagittarians!


Rather introverted, Capricorn na not need to be monitored every 5 minutes. He will play very easily in his corner without annoying anyone or himself. On the parents’ side, you will sometimes even feel like “disturbing”.


To cause problems? Very little for him! Deeply nice, cancer is only looking for one thing: to let it languish. Well … You will not avoid a whim or two, but what do you want, Cancer is sensitive and can be agitated from time to time.


With a child Bull, no turbulence on the horizon, but the risk of black anger if you miss the time of the bottle. For him, the food is life (finally someone who understands how it works). He is a very energetic child (normal, since he eats all the time), but he is not always over-excited.


Turbulent, turbulent … Immediately the big words. Aquarius just needs to speak, that’s all! Great creative and independent, he will quickly take the confidence to go build a cabin in the garden without asking your opinion. Like what, he knows how to make himself useful.


“Me, myself and I”! As much to say to you that with a lion child you will not be disappointed question ego. Do you want him to stay in place? It’s simple, look at it. Be careful, because if he does not learn to channel this self-centered energy he could quickly become a mini-tyrant. Give him a quick hobby on which he can focus and express his inner self.


Hyper curious and vivacious Gemini will not be content to play in his room quietly. He needs novelty constantly. So side turbulence it could be worse, but this insatiability will cost you dearly in Lego, Barbie and other renters of the Grande Récrée. But hey, it’s for a good cause, this child is early hilarious.


“SOS turbulent child, I listen? “. If he does not win the prize, he is still in the top 3. The problem is that no one understands that he needs space! Do not have a garden? Take it as quickly as possible to the park at the risk of seeing your apartment turn into Fort Boyard.


If you do not want him to spend his time plotting against you and the rest of the universe, he’ll have to occupy it! Like Gemini, the Scorpion gets bored very quickly. And as he is far from being stupid, so much to say to you that he will not lack ideas to take care of if necessary. If you let him take over, it’s simple, you’re done!


How do you say … With him or her, it’s not caked every day. A true daredevil, Aries is at his head and makes his first steps well before his first steps. If patience is not one of his predilections, you will need it. But rest assured, even when he falls, he never hurts. Convenient.


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