Choose me everyday or forget me forever

I’m not one to be with you, if I know I’m just an option. I am a priority. I am important. Not a simple choice, but a first choice. I give love and expect a return. And if I don’t see the color of it, I don’t see any interest either.

That’s why, to have me, you must choose me every day , every day , or forget me.

And I know it won’t be easy. In fact, it will probably be very difficult. There will be days when we don’t want to be together; where I won’t want you and where you won’t want me.

There will be days when choosing me, accepting me and loving me will be like climbing an impregnable mountain. There will be days when you don’t want to love me and when I expect you to love me anyway.

Because you have to choose me, even in hard times, or you have to let me find someone who won’t back down from battle.

I can’t promise to be your dream girl every day, or that all of our days will be simple and easy. On some days, the sun will give way to a hurricane; the rain will replace the rainbow. But the proof of true love, worthwhile love, is each person’s desire to weather the storm.

I need you to stay, even if the road is winding, or let me go my own way.

What no one likes to admit about love is that it’s a choice . It is not just a chemical reaction caused by the sight of a wonderful person and which is impossible to control. It’s a choice you make that involves involving the other person.

The first step to being with someone is to make the choice to love them.

That’s why, if you tell me that you love me, if you say that I’m going to be yours and you’re going to be mine , I expect you to choose me every day.

Choose me even when you don’t want to, as you will choose me on beautiful sunny days. Choose me for all those days when I’ll be pissed off without even knowing why. Choose me for all those days when you won’t know me anymore. Choose me for all those days when you’ll wonder why we didn’t meet sooner.

Choose me. Accept me. Love me. Without questions and without limits.

Choose me everyday or forget me forever

Forget me and let me find a love that is everything I ever dreamed and hoped for. Forget me and let me find someone who isn’t afraid of rain, sadness or bad days. Forget me and let me find someone who’s ready to be mine no matter what.

If you’re not ready to choose me, you’re not ready to love me.

It’s that simple.

Choose me everyday or forget me forever.

Because my darling, that’s what I promise to do (every day) for you.

Choose me everyday or forget me forever


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