Chip Change: What You Should Not Do According To Your Sign

Chip Change: What You Should Not Do According To Your Sign

No matter how well we always want to act or always want to stay, the truth is that there are certain traits of our personality that achieve precisely the opposite. There are times when our arrogance, our stubbornness, and our words, can be fatal. And not only in certain contexts; but in all. We, in this case, want to limit certain attitudes that are “politically incorrect” of each sign, so you can take yours into account and try to avoid them as much as possible. It’s just a matter of practice, right?


You have no shame for anything or anything. You are a complete brat. And while this sass can be hilarious and even lovely at times, it’s a bit of a problem at other times. There are times when you should analyze your actions and words a little more, before acting. Don’t blurt things out just because they come to mind. Measure yourself a little more.


You quickly throw yourself into everything and, on many occasions, you have no measure. When you get messed off, you do it sovereignly: run if you can. When you eat, you spend so much that you end up with a stomach ache. You are compulsive in everything and this leads you to exceed limits that later bring you problems in life. Problems with which you also end up obsessing and with which you lose the north. Calm down and ration a little more everything you have.


You can go from being a saint to a devil with such a rage that you destroy everything around you. You have no limit when anger takes over you. And, although we know that it is not always easy for you to control your duality, there are times when you must make a great effort. Failing to do so will make you lose special people. It will keep you away from unique opportunities. And this, we assure you, will do you no good.


Cancer, you know very well that pride is what kills you. You know that you have lost a lot because of him, as well as because of your ego. A little. Admitting that things are not how you want, that you were wrong or that you chose wrong, costs your horrors. But, remember that the ego will lead you to success, maybe yes, but it will also leave you there alone. Is this really what you want? Think things through before making inappropriate decisions.


You love to go full throttle all the time. The challenges, set goals, and steps to follow. You enjoy the extremes when you see that others value what you do when they flatter you. You are pure fire when you love when you have something in mind. Your passion for things makes you stand out wherever you go. But, if there is something you should avoid, it is being so lazy with what you don’t feel like. You put a lot of energy into everything that interests you; however, you get deflated when you have to do something that you really don’t feel like doing. Be careful here, because there are always obligations that we like less, but that we will always have to carry out.


You care a lot about others, you are always by the side of those who need you and you go out of your way to ensure the well-being of those who are important to you. However, you should also recognize that there are times when you are a little selfish. How many times, for example, do you really want something and you take it without thinking about whether others want it? Or you don’t share. Do you see it? It is these details that you should take care of a little more.


You are strong, a fighter and you have very clear ideas. But, there are also times when you spend playing the victim. Or feeling sorry for yourself. You put many barriers in your relationships, you put very hard limits on those who want to share moments of their life with you. Therefore, it is difficult for them to understand what you feel, and what you went through. You must understand it. And this leads you to self-pity. Change the chip in this aspect, because we assure you that life has very good relationships prepared for you.


Although it may not seem like it, you can become stubborn and end up doing things just because. Even when you have rethought them and you see that you should not go down this path, you continue at it. This type of stubbornness can lead you to live very bad experiences. It is one thing to be stubborn to get something that will make you happy, that will add a lot to your life. The other, and very different, is just doing it because, at the time, you had seen it that way. You must learn from life, even if it is from one day to the next.


It is unbelievable, but if you think about it you will realize that it is true: you are afraid to take some steps in your life. Despite the fact that you usually flow with everything and you know that things almost always work out for you, you are afraid to throw yourself on certain occasions. You are afraid of certain changes, and certain reactions that others may have towards you, your personality, and your feelings. But, Sagittarius, understand that great moments come from great changes. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.


Super worker, responsible, and fighter. There is nothing that you like more, in this life than being self-sufficient and sharing how much you are and how much you have with those around you. You usually have very clear ideas and fight to achieve what you set out to do. However, there are times when you can also be a bit indecisive, right? Well here’s what you shouldn’t afford. You should put a little more effort into getting the best out of yourself when you feel like you haven’t quite made up your mind.


Well, you tend to do what you want, help others, and follow your ideals no matter what others say. But, although you want to hide it from others, you are also quite insecure. This means that you don’t always give free rein to your imagination, your sense of innovation, to your entrepreneurship. In the moments when you feel this insecurity, look at everything you have achieved in life. There is nothing you cannot do if you believe in yourself and your strengths.


You are too loyal. We know it sounds super bad to say it, but it is what it is. No more no less. Not everyone is prepared or deserves your loyalty. You should think a little more about yourself, about when you are in front of people who do not give you the same importance, who do not care about you, or who, since you do not like it at all, want you to change this way of being so much yours.

Chip Change: What You Should Not Do According To Your Sign

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