Until love comes, Capricorn will give everything he can but he will also need to be given, to be shown, in order to feel safe and confident. And security and trust will be the bases of the love that they will offer and those that they will hope to receive so that the sentimental relationships that they establish are consolidated. When Capricorn is persuasing, he does not do it to hang out or to put someone else on his list of dates. Capricorn is a traditional sign, it likes love but love accompanied by stability and tranquility. Those are the relationships that you like above any passion, no matter how intense it may be. This is Capricorn and love .

In the first stage they turn to being very detailed, and offering and saying what the other person wants to have or hear. They know that to win someone they have to give them what they want. The displays of attention wrapped in large doses of perseverance are Capricorn’s weapons of persuade. The goal is to fall in love and fall in love but to build a lasting relationship.

Although when it comes to describing Capricorn in love, everything seems less intense and passionate than it really is, there is an explanation to present it that way. More than cold, what happens inside Capricorns is that they control their feelings, something that many signs would like for themselves.

Deep down, their nature is full of desires and they fear waking them up and not knowing how to control them. That is why they draw up a plan and accomplish objectives as if it were any ordinary job. But it is so that everything goes well and no strange excitement or uncontrollable desire spoils it. Neither is anyone good for them, nor are they in any hurry to lay the foundation for a relationship that they hope will last.

When they fall in love and the relationship is consolidated, Capricorns will continue to be people who are not too spontaneous in terms of feelings and displays of affection. But you will notice that they have gained confidence and will bring it out by being more open and loving. The passionate samples, if there were any, will belong to the stage of boyfriends or lovers but really that what Capricorn offers is much more lasting and intense than all that.

His offer is of strong and deep feelings, that although he does not take them for a walk through the typical external demonstrations, they will be there and will serve when necessary. And to doubt that they really exist is an affront to them. And an injustice. It seems that the one who loves the most is the one who tells everyone about it, sends flowers daily and leaves messages of love everywhere. And Capricorn doesn’t do all of that, but when it comes to demonstrating true love, it has a lot of tests. This is the reality of Capricorn and love .

Their partners must recognize their insecure and more distrustful part and will have to compensate it precisely with many deeds and words that keep them calm and confident. In return they will not complain about everything Capricorn can give, even great love. In this and many other matters, they will have a lot of initiative in the relationship to exercise the control that they like best. What overflows is not to their liking and that is why they usually take command. Let’s relax, Capricorn takes care of everything!

If there are arguments, a certain pride and a lot of patience, it leads them to endure long enough to take the step towards reconciliation. Especially if they don’t feel guilty. Nor should they get used to never doing it and abusing their stubbornness and a bit of a bad temper: sometimes one has to give in with the partner and other times the other.

Arguments can come from criticism of any aspect of life, lack of support in their work issues or their way of proceeding in something. And he does not usually accept them well. Capricorn knows very well what he wants and any struggle to move him from there can have dire consequences. For all. Even for her / himself who can lose a love or a good relationship by not giving in on time.

We can then find a Capricorn who is looking for stable relationships but who does not prevent them from breaking up and being resumed over and over again. When they have completely broken, they will need to spend some time alone to recover from their wounds, but perhaps no one will notice, and when they least expect it, love comes again … And they will fall into Cupid’s nets again, no matter how much. curse before … This is Capricorn and love .


Capricorn And Love

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