Cancer Your Greatest Flaw Is Your Greatest Strength

Your Greatest Strength

Cancer Your Greatest Flaw Is Your Greatest Strength

The young Cancer wants to make the world a place where everyone is happy and where only goodness exists. He wants everyone to be the same as him/her and that there are no bad people. He needs to break all barriers and make the streets a safe place for everyone. He wants the harm to stop existing and for people to be a little more sensitive to each other. More understandable.

Cancer is such a sensitive person that he cannot see how others sufferBut he doesn’t realize that not everyone can be as good as Cancer. He reaches the point where his goodness becomes a defect, in an uncontrollable way. In addition, many times Cancer externalizes his feelings so much and opens himself up to others so much that they take advantage of it. This is not Cancer’s fault, obviously, but if he tried to control them a little, he would save himself a lot of trouble.

It’s not that he’s an idiot. The thing is that he is innocent, pure, and sometimes even naive. And despite being a water sign and having a bit of mistrust in others, if the vibe and energy you feel with someone is good, you give it your all. ALL. Then the dramas will come…

The mature Cancer has learned to manage his feelings much better, especially so that he is his own master of his emotions and that no one takes advantage of them.

He has also realized that he does not have to be so good to everyone, but only to those who truly deserve it. Cancer now doesn’t let anyone take advantage of him/her and is the master of himself/herself. It has taken him many tears to get to where he is now, but thanks to that, he has achieved everything he has now in his life.

He has realized that crying is not bad and that, if he does not cry, he cannot get out everything he has inside. But she has also learned that crying is not the solution to many problems and that the best solution is to face the problem head-on, grabbing the bull by the horns. This is how Cancer has managed to be who he is today and thanks to all that he has made his flaw his greatest strength.

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