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Love and Dating

There is a storm in the air! Jealousy, competitions and low blows, your couple sinks with each other’s ego. You will not be able to save it to both of you. Get help from outside help, a friend or a therapist. Stay open to his conclusions and focus on rebuilding the cement of your union. A new fight could put an end to several years of passion. The natives alone will be satisfied with their situation for the moment. You seem to aspire to regain your balance. You will leave in search of love when you feel ready!

Health and Fitness

Your health will weaken at rest. If you are under stress during the day, consider decompressing as you go. As soon as possible elsewhere. Indeed, if you keep these bad vibrations until night falls, there is a good chance that you spend a hard night. Nightmares, insomnia, the stress you have accumulated could come to haunt you in various forms. However, in these conditions of anxiety, a night of restful sleep will be the best weapon to face tomorrow.

Work and Money

There is a fair compromise between the cicada that spends without counting and the ant that counts before spending. You are not asked to stop spoiling your family and friends. You must resolve this rule of three between your life, your expenses, and your earnings. Fortunately, an unexpected return of money will motivate you to find the financial balance that is often lacking. However, do not rest on your tickets. Trust your common sense to make the best use.

Family and Friends

You are a big rebellious child, unconventional, always ready to annoy you as a family against this or that tradition. Jupiter in your sky pushes you to illustrate again and again by your antics and your remarks “anti-all”. In the end, no one ever holds you. This need to belabor your disagreement is known to all and accepted. Behind your barking hides a tender and generous heart that no one seems to ignore …

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