Cancer and Sagittarius: friends, partnership and love

When Cancer and Sagittarius meet, conflict can often be the order of the day because these two zodiac signs are very opposite.

The zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the moon, the ruler of intuition and emotions, so this water sign is very intuitive and in tune with its feelings.

Cancer-born are very sensitive beings who are known to be loyal, overprotective, and caring.

Some of their weaknesses is their tendency to mood swings and manipulation.

Cancer men are very sensitive and try to hide their true feelings from their partner.

While they love to feel needed in a relationship, Cancer women are codependent on their partner and always want to be around them.

Cancer-borns are like an open book and will always be honest about what they are feeling at any given moment.

Every now and then a few tears could flow, but they are often faked because they want to manipulate their partner.

They know exactly what to do or say to get their way.

Unlike Cancer, Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter and is blessed with happiness, philosophy, and truth. 

As a fire sign, a Sagittarius is honest, cheerful and has an intense personality.

Sagittarians would do everything in their power to achieve their goals.

Although they are adaptable and flexible, they have a reputation for being negligent and inconsistent. 

Sagittarius-borns are adventurous and willing to take risks and are reluctant to be held back in their search for new challenges and experiences.

They hate routine and prefer unexpected and exciting experiences. 

Sagittarius men and women both love their freedom and independence and find it difficult to settle down and bond with one person.

Sagittarians need variety and the freedom to make their own decisions – in their careers and in their relationships.

They don’t want someone telling them what to do and what not to do. You don’t want to feel like you’re being hemmed in by anyone. 

Cancer and Sagittarius: Friendship Compatibility

The degree of compatibility between Cancer and Sagittarius is very low, so friendship will not be particularly intimate.

Their outlooks on life are completely different so their friendship will not work in the long run because of Cancer’s hypersensitivity and Sagittarius selfishness.

Both are smart and witty, and the same sense of humor will bring them together, but there is nothing strong enough to hold them together.

These zodiac signs may have a good time at a party and are a lot to talk about, but it will likely only be an acquaintance.

After all, Sagittarius is too volatile for a real friendship to develop.

They have many friends and acquaintances, but it is rare that they have a best friend. 

In contrast, Cancers attach themselves to every person who walks into their life.

For them it is out of the question that they neither see nor speak to their friends for days.

They won’t get that kind of persistence from a Sagittarius, so their friendship won’t last long.

Sagittarius-borns are also known to be honest and direct and not mince words.

They are not always tactful, so that with their openness they can often offend others.

They always say what goes through their heads, regardless of the feelings of those around them.

Therefore, often they will hurt the sensitive Cancer, sensitive to any criticism, and it will burst into tears.

These two zodiac signs won’t hate each other, but they won’t get along well either.

You can have a lot of adventures with a Sagittarius because they are innovative and extremely enthusiastic.

They are bursting with ideas and fun is guaranteed with them. Cancer has to be a bit adaptable to keep up with Sagittarius. 

Cancer and Sagittarius: Relationship and Love

According to the love horoscope, a relationship crisis is inevitable because there will be many stumbling blocks in your relationship.

Even a romantic relationship between Cancer and Sagittarius doesn’t have the best chance of success.

In fact, these two signs will seldom be drawn to each other, although Cancer-borns can sometimes fall in love with the fiery character of Sagittarius.  

When these two signs enter into a relationship, one of them will get hurt and most of the time it will be with cancer.

Cancer’s jealousy and attachment will be too much for the freedom-loving Sagittarius.

Likewise, Sagittarius’ huge ego and need for attention from other people will constantly annoy Cancer, which will make their love life exhausting. 

Always on the go, Sagittarius wander from one adventure to the next in love.

The unpredictability of Sagittarius can cause many difficulties for people born in Cancer because they always prefer a stable and safe home.

While Cancer borns are looking for a safe, stable relationship, Sagittarius has no need for a relationship at all.

If they want to enter into a relationship, it has to be someone who gives them the freedom they need and allows them to be independent and make their own decisions.

Cancer-borns are unable to get along without their partner for too long, but are constantly looking for company and closeness.

Cancer will have far too many rules and boundaries for a rebel Sagittarius. 

Cancer will go against the grain of Sagittarius’ constant flirting and they will never feel comfortable in the relationship because of constant fear of being betrayed or abandoned.

Sagittarians don’t give their hearts away too quickly, because they then have to make the choice between their love life and their awareness of freedom.

They find it difficult to choose a partner and tend to run away when a partner like Cancer tries to slow them down.

Cancer has a strong protective instinct, so that it always wants to look after its friends and partners in a loving and caring manner.

Although these two zodiac signs can build a lively and eventful relationship, he cannot stand long with a clingy partner like Cancer.

Another reason for the breakdown of the relationship is the fact that the romantic side of the Cancer-born would simply be neglected and they would always feel neglected.

The differences between these two characters are too great. Both a platonic and a romantic relationship will inevitably end in disaster.


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