Almost everyone is looking for absolute and genuine love. They sometimes happen that some people are lucky enough to quickly meet their “half”, the one with whom she is destined to spend her life. However, this quest is sometimes full of pitfalls … Discover in this article if it is really possible to live an impossible love with your soul mate .


On the same principle as the twin flames, soulmates are two souls that actually form one, which are half of a whole. They were thought and “forged” from the same mold but were subsequently separated.

These two people may never meet in their lives or, luckily or because it was written, fate can bring them together. Their meeting can be magical or incredible, or it can simply take place in very simple conditions: in a supermarket, in the queue of a cafe, in a garage, in the cinema, etc. Nobody can predict it.

The second they meet, these two people “recognize” and it’s love at first sight. They know that they are “complete” and that they are one. It is a very strong intuition , a feeling that does not deceive and only happens once in a lifetime because you can not have many soulmates. Unfortunately, one can be led to live an impossible love with one’s soul mate.



In principle, the two soul mates, once they have found themselves must stay together and flow happy days . But it happens that life decides otherwise and that it is not possible in reality. A professional obligation abroad, an engagement in the army, a mutation, a health concern of a loved one or other reasons make it happen to live an impossible love with his soul mate.

However one must understand one thing with the principle of souls sisters, it is that they can not be separated. Never. They can of course, physically, but the love, psychic and emotional connection will remain intact forever. Which means that if these two halves can not be united, then they will never be in a relationship with another person because no individual can break the invisible bonds that bind them. Sister souls, even if they are separated from one another, can not fall in love with other people because the sons who unite them are unshakeable and unbreakable.

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