“Breadcrumbing” means something like “tossing pieces of bread”. This scam is becoming more and more popular – but it is extremely annoying

“Breadcrumbing”: always giving hope

“Benching”, “Ghosting” and now that! “Breadcrumbing” is very popular with singles. More and more men and women are using the new dating trick.

How it works ” Breadcrumbing “

In “breadcrumbing” the person concerned is only given small chunks of attention. In contrast to ” benching “, however, there is real flirtation! He’s courting us until we think he’s interested in us. Of course we hope for more and hang on the hook. Just like Hansel and Gretel followed the breadcrumb trail to the witch’s house. Hence the name of the dating phenomenon.

In reality, he just wants to keep us warm. Perhaps as a potential one-night stand, as an ego boost or if it doesn’t work out with the new partner. He only uses the minimum amount of effort: A “Hi sweetie” for example or a “I just had to think about you” via WhatsApp or simply liking our latest Facebook profile picture or Instagram post. But he does not strive for a meeting in real life. This is even meaner than, for example, ” ghosting “, in which it is conveyed relatively clearly that there is no longer any interest. “Breadcrumbing” confuses the recipient of the message because he does not say what he actually wants.

If you are also affected, there is an easy way to end it. Ask him about a date. If he does not respond to your offer after asking several times, it is time to part with him. Delete him from Facebook and Instagram and block his phone number. As difficult as it may be at times, you can use your energy more sensibly in the long run. Psst: You can get it out of your head with these three tricks.


"Breadcrumbing": This new dating trend is annoying

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