Beware: According to the zodiac signs, these men are real heartbreakers

When you open your heart to love, you also open yourself to the risk of heartbreak, and if you could protect yourself from it, you should. The heartache is the hardest part of a relationship because it is the end of the happiness that one experiences through the partner.

The fact is, all zodiac signs will experience love, whether platonic or romantic and just because someone can be a great friend doesn’t mean they’ll be just as good at love. Unfortunately, sooner or later we will all experience heartbreak. This is the risk we take to find real love.

Some zodiac signs are natural heartbreakers. They’d rather break your heart first so you don’t have a chance to hurt them instead. Some also think that love is a game and the winner is whoever breaks the other’s heart first.

If you want to stay away from these people, then you should be aware of what astrology has to say about it. Here are the men who are real heartbreakers according to their zodiac sign:


This will break your heart by keeping you small and making you feel insignificant. As is well known, lions need to be the center of attention and when they are in love with you, you have a seat right next to them. However, if a Leo no longer cares about you, they will just keep pushing you into the background until you feel that your world and theirs are two separate entities.

If you are already in a relationship with a Leo, be prepared for one thing: If a Leo breaks up with you, it can be a severe blow to your self-esteem and you could question your own worth. Don’t let the lion unsettle you. You are stronger than what he makes you believe. You wouldn’t have taken on a lion if you hadn’t had your own strength and power. You just have to be able to approach it.


One thing is certain: Sagittarius will always put his own needs and desires above those of others. You shouldn’t be under any illusions or hopes when it comes to having a normal relationship with a Sagittarius. If that has already happened, then that’s a shame, because the Sagittarius has certainly already made his travel plans or he has already decided to achieve a certain goal for himself by this or that date, in which you do not play a role.

Sagittarius is very self-centered and always have their first priority. And worst of all, if they break your heart, they won’t understand why you are in so much pain. Sagittarius isn’t known for their empathy or their ability to see things from someone else’s point of view. So you will wonder why other people don’t just get over it and just get on with their lives.


Virgo, too, will break your heart and hurt you if you get too involved with her. She will hurt you by focusing on everything you did wrong during the relationship and throughout your life. Virgos can be extremely critical and they do not mince words when it comes to finding flaws in others. If their focus falls on you, make sure you maintain your self-esteem and confidence, otherwise, Virgo will destroy all of that.

Virgos think that they need to tell you things that you should know so that in the future you can be a better person and have a better relationship. It will certainly be a rocky road if the Virgo decides that you are not enough for her and that you leave you alone. But you will also learn a lot from it and above all, you will become stronger. If you can survive a breakup with a Virgo, you can survive anything.


You will never know exactly where you really stand with a Gemini. For a moment he showered you with love and flowers. And next time he seems to have completely forgotten about you. You never get along with a twin like that, because he is one way and another. This problem can mainly be traced back to his ambivalent personality.

While it’s not a complete surprise if he breaks up with you because you probably already guessed it, it will still hurt badly. You thought that this person really understood you because you have never had such deep conversations with anyone as with him. Gemini is smart and charming, but they’re also deadly when it comes to your heart. It is very likely that they will ignore you overnight and then part with you without words, which will hurt even more because that way there will always be room for a little hope.



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