If you are lucky enough to meet an emotional woman with a fearful mind, you should know that she is not like the rest of the women. She is a woman with a big, good heart, but sometimes she struggles to show it. She would want to show people so much that she takes care of her and loves her madly, but her fear makes her a prisoner of her mind.

No matter what you do, do not press her and give her time to relax. Maybe it will take some time, but I assure you that it is worth it. To make a good connection with her and build a stable relationship, here are some things to watch out for:

1. Her fear makes her look like a bitch.

This woman would like to show you how much she loves you and how much she cares about you, but her anxious mind has a different plan. She can not even sit quietly while she talks to you, and her eyes are always on the exit because there’s a chance she’ll get a panic attack, and she has to run outside to catch her breath.

This woman wants you to love her, and no matter how hard she tries, she feels that you like someone else more than she does. It can hurt her so much, so do not let her suffer no matter what you do. Tell her that she is special and unique in her own way and that you are honoured to go out with her. Trust me, it will mean the world to her!

2. She is extremely fragile.

Even if you do not feel that way, little things mean so much to her. The problem is that she can not express her feelings very well, so you get the idea that she does not care so much about something. That’s just their fear talking, so do not listen to them. Try to find a way to her soft heart and feelings, and tell her that it’s okay to say what she wants.

Do not let her think and sweat, and give her the recognition that she’s even been trying to explain something to you. You have to understand that she is in a complex state of mind, in which her thoughts keep rushing and she does not have time to process them all. Be your support by giving her all the time in the world so that she can finally be herself.

3. She always becomes easily attached.

She is incredibly emotional, so it does not take long for her to let you into her heart. She is sensitive and suffers when she sees the injustice and pain in this world. If you get to know her better, she will let you into every corner of her heart, so you should go an extra distance to gain her confidence and never do anything that could make her sad.

She is a woman you can love, and once you break her heart, it will be very hard for her to fully recover from it. Do not take her for granted and be the man who was worth the wait.

4. She will be constantly worried.

To deal with the little things is their daily routine. She will be worried about this new project at work, she will be worried if she has enough money to pay the bills, and above all, she will worry if you love her at all.

If she only realizes that you are not as connected to her as she was before, her fearful mind will create a brutal scenario that you have betrayed her. And I have to admit – it’s very hard to live that way.

5. She’s worried she’s not good enough for you.

She is the person who thinks she is not good enough for you and that you will replace her with another woman. She knows she’s a bit broken, so she thinks there will come a time when you’re fed up with her insecurities.

But deep inside, she is a lioness, who will fight for whatever she wants with all the necessary means. It just has to dig a little deeper to get that positive energy out of it.

6. She will love you unconditionally.

Frankly, that’s the only way for her to love. She is a woman with an open heart and she always gives more than she takes. She will give you all her love, but she will also want you to feel that way. Her soft heart would not stand you fooling her and promising her something that you can not give.

7. She plays according to her own rules.

A woman like this is pretty stubborn. She will sometimes do things that may not be the best solution, but she wants to try her luck because she feels good about it. With all the confusion of relationships and love, she always relies on her sixth sense and does not listen to what people have to say.

So, if you were fortunate enough to meet a woman like this, she’s like the most precious jewel, because she’s the type of woman you will not meet twice in your life. If you really love her, protect her from all the bad things that could happen to her and show her that with the right man she can finally be herself!


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