Be with a man who loves very hard and who will redeem you at every level and free you. Be with a man whose love emancipates you from your limits and makes you believe that everything in life is possible. 

Be with the man who knows how to love hard …

A man who knows how to love hard will look at you as if you were made of magic. The kind of shimmering magic that you feel when you stare at the sun and cast its golden rays on the clouds of billowing smoke that make it glowing red, fiery red.

A man who stands up for you listens to you and adores you. It will not use up your energy or give you the feeling that giving is only one-sided.

A man who respects you at every level – your personality, your values, your religious beliefs, your emotional needs, your physical needs, your general outlook on life, your mistakes and your past.

A man who prefers to spend the night with you in his arms, a man who does more than just enter you when you have sex, a man who knows every inch of your body and who knows exactly how to do yours Fulfills desires; where and how to touch you.

A man who wants to know your fears, worries, insecurities, phobias and doubts and who wants to love you even more through each of them.

A man who knows every layer of your being by heart. Your positive and negative sides, your messy look in the early morning and your flawless red-carpet look.

It is not just how hot or cute you look, it is the general essence of your being that he worships so much. Not only does he love you sexually, he loves you for what you are, every part of you.

A man who will be there through all the inevitable bumps of life and whenever you need him. A real man will never run away from a difficult situation. He is a man who will try hard in the relationship and fix things no matter how uncomfortable it is for him.

A man who is always there on your worst days to remind you that you can feel the way you feel. And if the hard times inevitably roll through your life together, make sure you meet with a man who can look you in the eye and honestly say, “We made it through the difficult times in our relationship! “.

A man who listens lovingly to how your day went and knows exactly when to keep you away from your own stormy seas and save you.

A man who leaves love notes for you that you can find anywhere in your area, not because it’s Valentine’s Day or your anniversary or your birthday, but just because he wants you to. A man who notices the little things you do and never misses an opportunity to express his appreciation for you, to stand up and make you feel very important. Because he knows exactly what the price is for you.

A man who wants nothing more than to help with the growing importance of your life. This man will push you forward so that you can live a life after your dreams. 

He is not the man who will envy you for your accomplishments and the great vision you have for yourself. He will be happy with you, celebrate with you and support you everywhere. He is not threatened by your success, he enjoys it.

A man who wants to integrate you into his life and bring you together with his family and friends. He wants them to love and respect you and to love and respect them. He wants you to be an extension of him and to involve yourself in important events and stages in his life.

This man will open your world to you and you will do the same for him.

And you will feel it when he enters the room.

You won’t have to ask questions.

You won’t have to be surprised.

He’ll hug you and won’t let you go.

A real man loves hard.

And you deserve to be loved violently. You deserve such a man.

Be with a man who loves in this way and you will begin to access the depth of love and self-love to which you previously had no access.


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