Be With A Man Who Will Fall Your Walls

After all you’ve gone through, it’s not surprising that you have made the walls around you so thick that they are almost impossible to break.

You did not have a choice. You had to find a way to protect yourself so you would not end up hurt again.

The walls inside you are like an invisible and inaccessible fortress. They remove those who could hurt you and bring you pain.

They protect your heart and give you a sense of security. And while security is nice, it also prevents those who could bring you joy and happiness.

That’s why you have to be with someone who will knock down those walls. Someone who will make you have feelings again. Someone who will make you love again.


You will recognize him when he comes to pick you up. It will make you feel safe. He will have in him the goodness that will give you confidence. It is to him that you will open for the first time in a long time.

You will never regret it. Because he will show you by his actions that he is here, that he will not go away. That he has understanding for all that you have gone through. He understands your outside a bit hard and the reason for your caution.

He will never force you. He will be patient. Because he will know that you are worthy and no matter how long it takes, he will insist on giving you everything you have ever needed from a man.

He will give you the love you have always wanted but which you have never received. This love will bring down your walls even before you realize it.

He will understand every tear that has sunk on your face. He will show you that all this pain was not for nothing.


May all these trials have made you the woman to whom he cares most. You will thank God that it has never worked with anyone else so far because now you know the reason.

You will have the impression that everything in your life – all the bad men, all these disordered ruptures – was worth it because in him you have everything you are looking for, and much more.

He will be the one who will remind you of your value. He will have only respect for you and everything you represent.

He will be someone who will remind you how special and unique you are. He will never try to change you. He will never look down on you and never make you feel less valuable.

He will consider you his equal. As a partner in crime. Like someone he has been looking for all his life.

What distinguishes him from all others is that he will never stop making efforts. He will always give as much as he can.

He will know that sometimes it is enough to be there. He will not be perfect. He will make mistakes. But you too will do it. The important thing is that none of you will ever give up.

Building walls gave you security, but it also prevented you from finding the one you were supposed to be with forever.

So, when a good man stands in front of this fortress, in front of those high walls that you have built, let him enter your life. Trust him and open your heart again – it will be worth it.

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