The first impression counts and can rarely be undone – so it is also on the first date. Experts have now found out what we really pay attention to in our counterparts

Attention men: We pay attention to this on the first date

In the age of Tinder & Co., the dating behavior of singles is a chapter in itself. The selection of men is very large, but the number of potential partners is shrinking. Author and biology anthropologist Helen Fisher says dating behavior has changed more in the past decade than it has in the previous 1,000 years. Our man explainer Michael Nast has also made this phenomenon the topic in his current column and explains what dating apps like Tinder do to us.

If it finally comes to a date, is first impressions are crucial. In a documentary on the American show “ABC News”, dating experts and affected singles reveal what is really important to watch out for on a first date.

1. On the teeth

According to Helen Fisher, teeth reveal a lot about age and health . Teeth provide information about personality traits relating to our mental state and lifestyle. Do you smoke a lot? Are you crazy about coffee or do you suffer from anxiety and frustration? Your teeth give it away!

2. On the grammar

Poor grammar skills are seen as an absolute turn-off when chatting or dating, because grammar reveals a lot about the sociological background and level of education. So if a man cannot convince with words, he is not worth our time.

3. On self-confidence

Helen Fisher explains that self-esteem is a lot about emotional stability says a a person’s . How we feel can greatly affect the future relationship. When we don’t feel good and suffer from self-doubt, we have little energy to focus on another person and positively influence the relationship.

By the way, here you can find out which 4 qualities every man wants in a woman.


Attention men: women pay attention to this on first dates

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