You are in a relationship in which your feelings only ride a roller coaster?

Then you’re probably in a, not so great, relationship with an emotional psycho. This person, this emotional psychopath, is constantly accusing you of everything, criticizing and humiliating you and constantly questioning your own reason.

If you are only crying and apologizing, even though you have not done anything, the situation will only be more difficult. In the end, the question arises as to who is really to blame for the whole dispute.

Here are four signs that you are dating an emotional psychopath:

1. He accuses you for everything

If your partner does not take responsibility for his or her actions, it is a sign that he is emotionally unstable. If your partner constantly blames you for any anger in the relationship, it’s a sign that he’s not mature enough to accept if he’s done something wrong.

Even if something is clearly his fault, he will do everything in his power to turn the situation around so that he does not end up feeling bad. So he clearly manipulates you and lets you think you are to blame for everything that goes wrong in the partnership.

2. You feel bad about Him

An emotional psychopath is a professional in getting other people down. He will criticize everything about you and your life, from your job to hobby and looks. He does not care about your feelings at all and he does not care if he violates you or not.

The fact is, he’ll purposely say things to you that upset you because he’s just miserable and puts that on you. Unfortunately, he also projects his bad inside on you.

3. He constantly controls who you talk to

Every emotional psychopath has a manipulation tactic he likes to use – and that’s control. He will always be behind your back, controlling exactly who you spend your time with. He will do everything to make your family members and friends bad and persuade you to stop communicating with them.

He just wants you for himself, he wants only he to be the center of your world. Once he makes you believe that you can not live without him, he already has full control over you and your entire life. Please be careful!

4. He irritates with arguments

An emotional psychopath provokes with various things to get an emotional reaction from you. He’s always doing things that make you doubt your sanity.

You’ve been feeling bad since the beginning of the relationship, just crying and never apologizing for anything – that’s because of your partner’s ongoing accusations.

His emotional psychosis will literally suck life out of you, and you’ll wonder how it all happened so fast.

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