Hach, what was that quick again: August will soon be around the corner. But we shouldn’t be too hasty, because something really unexpected is coming up for some zodiac signs this month. And that can be both positive and negative in nature. Our horoscope will tell you whether July has a surprise in store for you.

The horoscope knows: Three zodiac signs have to be prepared for the news


Could it be that you haven’t been loving your partner lately? If you answer this question honestly now, you could be spared real bad news at the end of the month. Because as a zodiac sign Gemini you have strained the nerves of the person you are talking to long enough. The flirting with others, the lack of attention – change your behavior before it’s too late. 


The zodiac sign Cancer really blossomed in July. Seldom has it felt as confident as this month. The open and positive nature of cancer will soon bear fruit. Someone suddenly reveals their feelings to you. Best of all, this is a person you are very fond of yourself. So get a vase ready, you will soon get red roses!


Right now you feel like you’ve got everything under control. But be careful, virgin! The end of the cancer season from July 23rd will really kick your professional life upside down. You are then quite stressed and a lot is asked of you. As if that weren’t enough, a text message from your family is overwhelming. Our tip: Just tell your friends about it, they will make you laugh again.

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