At some point, he will regret letting go of the woman who has waited for him for so long

She knows exactly what’s going on in his head. He thinks that this woman will forgive him again and wait for him, just as she always has. He believes that he will always get new opportunities and that she will put up with all his mistakes. 

But he didn’t expect that she would eventually get tired of it. She will realize that she is not sacrificing her life for a man who is forever incoming. She no longer waits until he has finally found himself or found out what he really wants in life. 

Because she is not an idiot!

Your self-love is greater than your love for him. That is why she goes looking for someone who values ​​her and knows what he has in her. She doesn’t want someone to think twice about whether or not they want to be with her. 

Today women know what they want. They may give you a chance or two, but at some point, you just destroy it up. Then they are gone. And so it was with her too. He thought he could never lose her. He thought that he could treat her as long as he wanted for ages. 

He now has to face the consequences because he let her go. And the consequences are pain and anger about yourself and your own behavior. He is now aware of what he has done and how he has used your patience.

She really could take a lot and gave him her love again and again, even though he rejected her so often. She didn’t expect the relationship to be perfect from the start because she knew that being in a relationship was hard work. Since she was so in love, she saw potential in him and that kept her motivated to keep going. 

She saw who he really was. She even knew his darkest sides and still loved him. She was there for him and built him up and supported him because she believed in him. She helped him become a better person, even though he didn’t believe in himself. She gave him her unconditional love and didn’t expect anything in return. And he shamelessly took advantage of this! 

Why don’t men immediately recognize that such a woman is the woman who really loves him?

Why does she always have to go first and really leave him so that he can check how miss he behaved towards her and how good she was to him? Do men really believe that women will stay in toxic or abusive relationships for long? 

Every woman who has common sense will at some point recognize his manipulations and his games and protect herself from them. She won’t put up with that anymore and leave. 

There are women who invest so much of their emotions and all of their time and energy in a man because they firmly believe that he is the right one, even though he treats them like dirt. He never has time for her and everything else seems to be more important than her. But she is waiting for him.

But at some point, she realizes that there isn’t much left of her, except for a woman with a broken heart. She wakes up the day she completely falls apart.

What can this man offer me anyway?

The point of the whole thing is that this moment is the defining moment. Because from this moment the tide will turn. If a woman is through with a man, then she is through with him. There is no going back!

Of course, she’ll miss him and think about the good times every now and then, but she doesn’t want to go back. And she realizes that her life is much better without him. But at the same time, he realizes that his life is no better without her.

But unfortunately too late!

She never comes back, no matter how hard he begs her or tries to convince her again. It’s over! He will finally change and suddenly become the man she always wanted. He suddenly does everything for her, he makes her his priority and wants to be with her and spend time with her at all costs.

But she’s done with him! She can’t go back because she has finished with it. And she will never change her mind again. He is only now realizing that she was the woman of his life and he will tell her how stupid he was that he did not recognize that sooner. He apologizes for manipulating and taking advantage of her. And she’ll feel flattered, but that won’t change the situation. 

No matter how much he regrets it and no matter how much respect he now has for her, she is gone, forever! Now he has no shoulder to cry on. And he will compare every woman who comes into his life from now on with her and realize that no one can hold a candle to her. 


At some point he will regret letting go of the woman who has waited for him for so long

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