This means that while he would like to have a perfect relationship, he would also prefer you to read his mind rather than having to tell you what that perfect relationship looks like. It’s complicated, but it’s Virgo for you!
Asking him up front what he needs in a relationship will give him the opportunity to say “a partner who cleans up after himself” without getting frustrated and ending things because you haven’t done the dishes this time around. -the. Ask her questions about her needs and it will give both of you a chance to create and maintain the perfect relationship together.

Libra: “What’s your best / worst habit?” “

No shadow at Libra, but he thinks that if a relationship is full of romance and surprises, it’s healthy, perfect, and amazing. He doesn’t know that buying flowers isn’t going to erase your little hassle from the start of the day. It helps, but it doesn’t really help, you know?
However, getting him to answer serious questions about himself will definitely help.
Asking him what his best and worst habits are will give you honest insight into the kind of person he is. Is he a great listener? Is it awful to do laundry an acceptable number of times a month? Can you live with these things?
Get him to be honest with himself so that you know what to expect when you go out with him; even when he buys flowers instead of talking about them.

Scorpio: “What would you like people to know about you?” “

Scorpios like to be in a relationship, but they also have a hard time opening up. Maybe he’s just a little afraid of being so vulnerable, or maybe he wants to know this relationship is going to last before he starts to let his guard down, but he’s really trying to open up.
Asking him serious questions will help you connect on a deeper level and make him relax a bit.
Not many people know Scorpio, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to tell you about themselves. What he needs is a safe space before he can be honest with you.
Asking him questions about himself and letting him ask questions about you will create a welcoming environment in which he will feel comfortable while giving you the answers you want to know about him.

Sagittarius: “What’s your biggest failure / regret in life?” “

Sagittarius is another of those zodiac signs who find it hard to slow down and be serious as they are always looking for the next big adventure or experience in life.
He also tends to hide his real self behind humor and casual relationships because he doesn’t want to open up to someone just to leave them. Hey, sometimes you have to protect your heart.
If you want him to know that his heart is safe with you, you have to show him that being vulnerable is satisfying, even if it is a little scary too. Asking him about his biggest regret in life will reveal an honest, true side to Sagittarius that not everyone is lucky enough to see.
Do not ask this question to try to fix it but to try to get to know it better.

Capricorn: “What are the qualities that your partner must have?” “

Just because Capricorn has high standards for their relationship doesn’t mean you, their partner, should be kept in the dark about them. One of the reasons it’s so hard to keep a Capricorn interested and happy in a relationship is that it feels like a guessing game to figure out what their very high standards really are.
This question will bring clarity and happiness to your relationship.
Rather than spending your entire relationship trying to follow him, get down to his level right away with a few serious questions about what he’s looking for in a partner. Should they be kind and caring? Does he have to have a good work ethic?
Sometimes you just need to ask him what would make him happy. And hey, don’t forget to tell him what would make you happy too.

Aquarius: “What do you represent in life?

Aquarius might not say it out loud, although it’s pretty hard not to get it in the end, but they love to share their opinions with you. He’s the kind of zodiac sign who’s always thinking about serious things, so being able to share his opinions with someone he cares about a lot.
So, why not make him happy and ask him what he thinks about the things that matter to him?
Not only will you get a glimpse of his fascinating brain when you ask him what he represents in life, but you will also learn more about his moral. What does he represent? Do you have the same dreams for the future?
He has a lot on his mind and he wants to know that you are going to respect who he is and what he wants out of life and this relationship.

Pisces: “What are your biggest relational fears?” “

Ask Pisces what their biggest fears are, in relationships or otherwise, and you are sure to get a lot more than you expected. He’s not the type to bring up what he’s afraid of without provocation, but if you ask him about his fears, he will certainly give you an honest answer.
Pisces don’t like to think about negative things, but they appreciate that you want to listen to them.
Pisces is another of those zodiac signs who believe that a little romance can solve everything in a relationship, rather than facing issues and learning how to solve them together. Asking him about his fears will give him a glimpse of what he’s really afraid of.
Is it just a break up with someone or a feeling of abandonment? It’s time to be honest, Pisces.



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