Ask a man never for those 10 things, because they should be self-evident.

Did you notice that we live in a world of reversed roles?

Men become more and more passive as we women strive to keep the spark alive. Women have become persecutors, initiators and lovers in one. We women often struggle to satisfy the needs of selfish men without questioning them altogether.

We do it because we are too compassionate and sensitive to other people’s pains and suffering. And then we realize that on the way, ourselves, we have neglected our own needs and desires and gone too far.

Then we realize that in return we should get the same back without having to beg. We forgot that we are the one who should be persecuted and not the other way around. We have always closed one eye. We have given up appreciation and respect for ourselves by tolerating the shitty behavior of others.

In that sense, do yourself a favor and never ask a man for those 10 things, because you’ve already earned them anyway:


Never ask a man to treat you with respect! Why? Because you can not beg for respect. If you do not tolerate his shitty behavior, let him know that you disapprove of him not treating you properly and only showing up when he feels right. You deserve to be respected for what you are. You deserve to be treated as you treat him.


If he is unable to form two to three meaningful sentences, you should never answer his texts. If he can not remember having sent you a good morning and a good night, then you know he’s not worth a second of your time, let alone asking him to change.


A real man is very attentive to details and tries to praise all the small and big changes in his wife. A real man makes you a meaningful and heartwarming compliment because he knows how much it means to you. Because he loves you and wants you to know that. Therefore, you should never ask for a man to do such a thing.

If he’s not interested in being your biggest support and part of your life, you’ll be better off without him anyway.


You should never devote yourself to a situation in which you have given your whole body and soul to a man who still has no decency to make himself clear to you and make you his priority.

And you should never ask for such a man to change or treat you as you deserve. If he is not ready to make you his priority and show you how much you mean to him, it means he is not ready to be with you. And you have more important things to do in life than deal with immature boys who still have a lot to do.


If he shows you that he’s still unwilling to let go of his past and erase his ex from his life, you know you deserve better. You know that you should not wait any longer. You should not hope that he will eventually respect you. Under these circumstances you will never feel valued by him.


For a man who sincerely cares about your feelings, staying loyal will never be an effort. To be true, of course, will be for a man. Because he loves you with his whole being.

Loyalty has become an expensive gift in today’s modern world, and you should never expect such a gift from cheap people. In fact, you should never ask cheap people to give you something so valuable because they just can not.


If you come home from work and something terrible has happened, you should never have to ask a man to listen to you if he’s not interested in it. He should strive to pay close attention to you when you are upset, upset, sad and unhappy. And if not, then you know that he is a lost cause to you.


Honesty, like loyalty, is another expensive gift you should never expect from cheap people. Never expect a man who is selfish, egocentric and toxic by nature to be honest with you. So never try to ask him to be honest, because if he really cares about you, he’ll damn sure show it to you.


 You always need two people to dance tango. It’s the same in relationships. You should both work on it. Planning appointments and keeping things exciting is not something to worry about.

If he does not even try to arrange a romantic date and take you to a beautiful place, the only thing you should worry about is leaving him as soon as possible.


Real men do not invent excuses because they are too busy, but try to give some time to yourself. Instead, they make every effort to please you. Only real men know that making a woman special through little romantic gestures and sweet words is a gift.

And if he is not ready to move a finger for you so that you respect, appreciate, love, and feel safe with him-without you having to ask him-then you know he has not earned your love.

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