The others are glad to have you in their life, Aries, because you are joy and happiness personified. Yes, that you also have your moments and that there are days when it costs you more than the bill to get a smile … But those days you arm yourself with strength and courage and smile, even if you don’t feel like crap inside. And that’s why people admire you a lot. Because even in the most difficult moments you are able to make a smile and also make others laugh.


You have a lot of positivity in your body and that influences a lot when it comes to relating to others. You always help others to see the bright side of any situation.

But also, you are a super fun person. Someone who always proposes plans, who always has something to do. People are glad to have you in their lives because they know that they will never get bored with you, they will never lose the illusion of living. These people also see you as someone invincible, someone with incredible strength. Besides being happy to be in their lives, Aries, they envy you. They envy that ability you have to get up when they have stepped on you, to eat the world when your heart is broken to pieces.

The others are glad to have you in their life because they know that with you they will never feel pressured and much less judged. Aries, you are a person with a super open mind as well as intelligent. It is obvious that you will be honest and that you will say things as you feel them or as you think them, but that does not mean that you will criticize without knowing or judging someone for being different from you.

You are an independent person who will always respect the space of others and who will give them all the freedom in the world to be who they want to be. With you there will never be sincerity and that’s why they love you, Aries. Because you have a heart that is worth gold, a heart that never forgets its people and for that reason, they are glad to have you by the side …

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