This 2020 is full of new opportunities and new challenges, Aries. You will learn things that are very important in your life but that you have not yet learned. And it is possible that you learn these lessons based on mistakes, but look, there is no harm that for good does not come. This month, Aries, you will learn a lot about your relationships and especially how to cope with them as best as possible so that neither party loses. You will learn that relationships are something that both parties should be involved in, it is like teamwork. It is not something that is based on competition, to see who gives more or simply who is the best. That is not something healthy, Aries, much less for such a close and intimate relationship.


In 2020 you will learn to take care of much more of all relationships, not only sentimental relationships but also those of friendship or family relationships.

You will open your eyes and you will realize many things. Like, for example, that there are things that you have been doing wrong so far and things in which others were not being completely fair to you. And perhaps, Aries, once you have your eyes and discover everything you have to discover, you realize that it is best to leave a certain relationship behind. You cannot keep fighting for something that is dead or for a relationship in which you receive nothing in return.

Everything you are going to learn this month will help you to clean and to realize who is and who is not. To see what people really are always there and those who are only for interest and to ask for favors. Life is not like that, Aries … As we said before, a relationship is something mutual, something in which two people have to do their best to make the other person at ease. It cannot be you who only pulls on it and is always doing favors for the other person.

From now on, Aries, you will learn to say more than not, especially so that in the end the problems do not reach this point. You will learn to be much stronger than you already are and really value yourself as you deserve.


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