Energetic, springy and sweet. Those are the three main words that the stars chose to form the personality of Aries. When an Aries comes into your life, it does so like a hurricane because it shakes you to the core. But it also has the courage to heal your wounds and believe me, not just anyone. That is the reason why an Aries is not afraid of fire but becomes it.

Without a doubt, Aries honors the element of fire, you can get lost in its beauty, in the way it shines, in the way it shelters, but it also gives chills. Because you never know how the fire is going to react, the same thing stays in a slow sway, that in a pile of uncontrollable flames. Yes, just like Aries, that is why it does not know of defeats because even among the ashes it returns, it always returns, turned into fire.

Aries is not afraid of fire

Aries does not warn, it simply acts, it is that woman who will make you remember the here and now, even when you don’t want to. Aries has a warrior soul, it always fights, in every battle. It is as if he always had his dreams on his shoulders, sometimes they weigh on him, sometimes not, but he never lets go. And yes, many times she has ended up exhausted, with an exhausted soul and hope on the ground, but she always comes back, prettier, smarter, more Aries.

Aries is not afraid of fire but becomes him, because one day his tears did not stop and they made him believe that he was worth nothing, but he got up. One day she picked up her pieces and promised herself that no one would trample her again, because her shadows, her fears, her sadness matter and, even with a sad look, she has everything to go out and live what really makes her smile.

Aries turns into fire because he wastes admiration, because his beauty is more than the mascara on his eyelashes or the lipstick that he likes so much. Because her spirit is sweeter than the scent of her perfume and because although she sometimes fears, with everything and trembling knees she dares. Aries screams, cries, sings, dances, loves, cooks, writes, thinks, Aries never stops.

Aries is not afraid of fire because she is bossy by nature, because life taught her that it is better to say no, even if many do not like it. Because he understood that he cannot go through life wanting to fulfill the expectations of the other. It is not a secret that Aries prefers itself before the rest, it was about time right? Aries is here to be truly happy and not half happy.

Aries does not lower her gaze, she is able to bend her pride to ask for forgiveness, but she is no longer willing to humiliate herself any more. So, do not jokingly try to manipulate it if one day you meet one, you are going to find the toughest shield you have ever seen. An Aries does not stop when he feels that someone wants to hurt him. It is an impulsive zodiac sign, you should think twice.

Aries is not afraid of fire, he becomes it, for the simple reason that he knows what he wants and not only that, he works hard to get it. Do not expect him to stop so you can solve his life, he does not expect much from the other. So much disappointment has made her somewhat tough, but even as a fire she is the most exceptional woman you will meet in your entire life. An Aries, who revolutionizes and calms your days with the same intensity. Not everyone


Aries Is Not Afraid Of Fire If It Becomes Him

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