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Love and Dating

The well-shaped moon brings you love, confidence and comfort. You feel good, so safe that you manage not to make any more effort. A little sport or a visit to the hairdresser would probably be appreciated by your partner, who seems to find that you put on your slippers a little too quickly. Single, you are in the early stages of a story full of promise.

Health and Fitness

Your health will suffer repeated attacks and rare hostility throughout the day. Guilty party ? Mosquitoes ! It will take a few minutes of inattention to wipe a defeat against this tiny enemy. If you do not walk around from head to toe, or more precisely from your toes to the hair, take the necessary precautions: mosquito lotion if you have to go out and arm yourself with your repellent spray and your electric racquet when you stay at your house.

Work and Money

Only master on board, it’s the moment or never to take control of your destiny. Do you know the ideal cocktail of a successful professional life? To consume without moderation, of course! Under the influence of Jupiter, creativity, originality, novelty … spices are never out of stock. In fact, the vast majority of the ingredients come from you. Without precipitation, by precisely dosing them, learn how to sow them and pick them at the right time.

Family and Friends

Difficult to compose with the characters of the members of a large family. Take care that this happy symphony does not mutate into frightful cacophony. It’s up to you to link the notes of this enchanted score. A little scattered, these have sown discord in the ranks of your orchestra. For harmony to return, do not hesitate to supervise the operations with your wand. You have to favor the discussion in the form of improvised onomatopoeia instead of a little obsolete chords.

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