Aries Astro May 2022

Aries Astro May 2022

This month you feel ready to conquer the world and give your best, Aries. You will not lack the motivation to be at the top with those new habits that make you so happy right now. You know that in the not too distant future your life is going to change completely and you want to make the most of what you have now. In May you want to invest your energy in yourself, in your career, in your personal and professional life, and not so much in your relationships or in other people’s dramas that now neither come nor go.

The planet of love and beauty, Venus, enters your sign on May 2. Your self-esteem is going to be at its best, Aries, you are not going to let anyone sink you. You are going to go full throttle and there will be nothing to stop you between you and your crush. People may think that you are acting on impulse again and that it is all part of one more crazy thing of yours, but in reality, you know what you are doing. This month your love life is going to be full of fiery decisions but full of wisdom. Venus is also joined by Jupiter, the planet of luck, which also enters your sign on the 10th. Go all out, Aries, nobody is going to stop you.

Don’t talk just to talk, Aries, don’t let your sharp tongue say things that don’t come to mind. Starting on the 10th, when Mercury enters retrograde, every word you say out of your mouth can be misunderstood. Also, be very careful with gossip and gossip because they can catch you red-handed. During this period it is better not to say things that could put you in danger or share secrets with others. We already know that when you find out something very strong you have to share it with your best friend, but this month tries to cut yourself a little.

You will not lack the desire to do things this month, but do not forget that your hours of sleep are also very important. Much more than some of your plans. If you notice that you are reaching a limit, stop before it is too late. Prioritize, Aries, and always put yourself as the first option. You can not fail and much less now.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th is going to throw you off balance emotionally. Roller coaster of emotions guaranteed, but everything has a reason. With this Eclipse you will realize many things that you have been doing wrong and you will finally become aware of all this. Even if they are days of a lot of chaos, later everything will make sense and you will value yourself again as you deserve.

You are going to feel totally unstoppable and also at the end of the month, Mars, your ruling planet, will enter your sign. There is nothing stopping you. Really, Aries, you feel like doing everything and getting rid of all those people who don’t let you be yourself. Happy May.


Aries Astro May 2022

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