Aries And Pain

Each zodiac sign has its own way of dealing with pain. Everyone suffers in their own way. Some prefer to shut up and swallow until they can’t take it anymore. Others, on the other hand, are among those who choose to talk about it so that in the end it does not end up hurting more than necessary. This is how Aries and pain are related:

Aries does not want to appear that his world can be turned upside down, so he shuts himself in his own bubble of personal concern and says nothing. At least, the first few minutes after the problem occurs and he begins to suffer. He can act like nothing matters to him. She can play down the matter and make others believe that everything is perfect when it is not.

You can try to hide everything, but people who know your true personality, know exactly the moment when Aries is lower than usual. The first thing is that his gaze is lost. He wants to focus, but he can’t. He doesn’t shine like before. He doesn’t intimidate as usual. Aries says with looks what he doesn’t mean with words. But not everyone knows how to interpret them. You have to know Aries very thoroughly to be able to discover the real reason for his inner worries.

We must not forget that Aries knows how to play absentmindedness very, very well. And if he decides that he doesn’t want anyone to know what’s really going on with him, no one knows, PERIOD. Nobody is nobody. Here there are no exceptions or privileged people who play with an advantage. Aries becomes a real concrete block and does not let anyone pass. There are times when he prefers to spend his mourning alone, think things cold, and not make any gratuitous drama. Because those kinds of stories to not sleep can be avoided. For that and because it is known. Aries knows perfectly well what can happen as one explodes and releases what is inside. Depending on the day, the hour, and how he got up, he will have calm or war. With Aries, deep down, you never know.


Aries And Pain

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