Aries and Gemini have something against them and it is that, from the first moment they seem to get stuck just as they are, it is as if, no matter how many secrets they want to hide, they both know very well what the other is like, how they will act and what they are. that bothers him, and therein lies the danger … The ram and the twins have a strong attraction, perhaps more romantic than anything else, because as soon as they begin to get to know each other more thoroughly, they can become too irritated.

Aries senses every two by three that Gemini is cheating on him, that he is hiding something, even sees him as a somewhat troublesome person, someone who wants to push him out of his comfort zone and safety with false promises of eternal love, runs away from all the talk mesmerizing Gemini.

Gemini sees Aries as an anchor that forces him to always pass over the same point, he is the person who wants changes in his life but who in the end always ends up at the same point, yes, traveling different paths, but in the same place, And that’s totally against their mentality. Also, the fact that Aries acts impulsively but with bad manners cannot stand it.

The personalities of these two signs are very different, but for example, when they reach a consensus, everything is very different, they both want to do new things, it amuses them to be unpredictable, they have a good time signing up for anything, but they are specific moments. Moments of ecstasy between these two signs. Good moments.

Jealousy is a somewhat delicate issue in this couple and Gemini is par excellence, the persuasive sign, a sign that can put honey on your lips and not give you anything afterwards just to have fun and Aries with that attitude will the demons carry.

He cannot bear that sometimes, Gemini is the “nice”, the “handsome”, the one who “gets along” with everyone …

Aries knows how to bother, when he feels hurt he knows how to hit Gemini’s weak point, and in this case, his weak point is being told that he cannot do something, and Gemini has the patience necessary to puncture Aries far beyond his limits…

In short, the relationships between them can be very stressful, with many emotional ups and downs and for it to last, patience and a lot of stamina are needed and that is something that these two signs lack a lot. They know each other too well, even before they meet …


Aries And Gemini Compatibility

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