You are very impulsive, Aries, and for relationships, it could not be less. When you see your partner leave, you are not going to sit idly by. You are going to try to go after him/her like a madman to stop him or you can directly send him to hell by releasing all the accumulated anger through your mouth. Either way, Aries, you’re not going to let him go in peace. To you that of thinking before acting like no. Therefore, we are going to help you to know if the ideal is for you to go back with your ex or not … Aries 5 questions you should ask yourself before going back to your ex.

Aries, instead of throwing yourself like crazy to try to get it back, first try to think about why it has left or what has been the reason why the relationship no longer works. You can’t go back to that person like this because like this. You don’t realize it but maybe that relationship was more toxic than you thought. Before going back with him/her, you have to be clear about what needs to change in the relationship. Think a bit about what you have been wrong, what that person has done to make everything break. Before writing to your ex again, think about it a bit and be sure what you want.

  1. Do you really feel loved by that person?

Does it give you the love you deserve or maybe not at all? Although you are a very independent person, you also have your heart. And yes, you need pampering, affection, and a lot of love. It is something that you value very much in a relationship. You are not doing well at all living with someone detached, who does not value you as you deserve. Little by little, you accumulate disappointments, horrible details, and that load is getting bigger and bigger. In the end, you are not happy and here your happiness is the first thing that counts. Do you really feel loved by that person? Without love, it doesn’t matter what opportunities you give that person.

  1. Do you admire your partner or do you feel embarrassed?

This question is perhaps one of the most important. Aries, you cannot be with someone who you are ashamed to present in society, someone who is not capable of behaving, someone who often makes you think that “earth, swallow me …” No. Impossible. Perhaps you may have tolerated thousands of inopportune actions that he has had with you, perhaps you have overlooked many stupidities and nonsense that he spilled through his mouth without thinking but enough is enough … The person with whom we must create life has to be someone we admire. And probably more you Aries, your way of being and thinking makes that in the end, or you admire the person who sleeps next to you, or you will end up frustrated and leave it out of your life.

  1. Does your partner share his time with you?

Time is very important to you. You don’t like that “we are together but you are on your side and I on mine”. Let’s see, it’s not that you’re very cloying, but you need warmth and more from the person who is supposed to be part of your life. Many other signs are independent, and you are, but in love, your independence ends. You are in many other fields but when you are truly in love, things as they are, you have hours in the day to be able to be with the person you love. You are like that, period, and if that person becomes too detached you are not someone happy at all.

  1. Can you truly and from the heart forgive?

Aries, everyone knows that anger for you, unless it was something very serious, last a very short time. But of course, there are things that you also overlook and stay inside you, and perhaps you even think that you could have overcome it but no. There are things that cannot be overcome nor can they be changed. And you have to focus on yourself and think if you can really live with all the damage that your partner did to you in the past. If you are not prepared, do not come back Aries, really do not come back because the person who is going to suffer the most with all this is going to be you. Because you can control your forms but your head and your thoughts will not be controlled by anyone …

  1. Do you think it’s worth trying again?

Segundas partes nunca fueron buenas Aries. Esta pregunta es el resultado de todas las respuestas que te hayas hecho en las cuatro anteriores. Mírate, valora lo que tienes, valora lo que eres, valórate a ti mismo Aries. Necesitas a alguien que cumpla los requisitos anteriores. Necesitas a alguien que se desviva por ti, y no sólo al principio… Necesitas escuchar palabras bonitas que te hagan motivarte, necesitas admirar a esa persona tanto como lo haces contigo, no puede ser uno/a más porque sabes que tú eres especial y lo más importante, en el fondo sabes lo que te mereces… Piensa todo bien, dedica unos días a ti, evádete de verdad y cuando lo tengas claro lánzate a lo que sea: A empezar de cero o abandonar de una vez. Y hagas lo que hagas, con la cabeza siempre bien alta.

And these are Aries, the 5 questions you should ask yourself before getting back with your ex, before making more mistakes.


Aries 5 questions you should ask before you get back with your ex

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