Are you a mingle What is behind this relationship trend

Are you a mingle What is behind this relationship trend

In our dating world, a new concept appears every day. It seems like there are no limits to creativity. This is how the new term “ mingle” came about.

Have you heard of it? And do you also know what this term is all about? Don’t worry if you don’t! In this article, you will learn all about it.

What does the term “mingle” mean?

As you may have noticed by now, many people who are single don’t want to miss out on all of the positive things one experiences in a relationship. But on the other hand, the same people are sometimes unwilling to open up and let in deeper feelings. In other words, you shy away from bonds, but still want to share with someone all the nice things that you normally only get in relationships.

For this reason, these people are called mixed singles or mingles. The term was introduced by a trend researcher named Peter Wippermann. To outsiders, it may look like they are in a solid partnership. But that is not the case for Mingles. You are still half a single and just have a casual relationship with no obligations.

You probably notice now that this “trend” has been around for a very long time and that only the terminology was newly introduced. Yes, there have always been a lot of people who do not want a stable partnership and are looking for a more relaxed relationship. However, it is noteworthy that this desire is becoming more and more pronounced in our society today. In this regard, people are increasingly looking for like-minded people who are also not in the mood for obligations. In some cases, this is because you have had bad experiences with relationships, for example, or you are simply still in the self-discovery phase and don’t really know what you actually want. 

How does self-realization play a role?

There are many people who follow this trend because they have a very time-consuming job or travel a lot. Often they are people aged 30 or older. You may not want to be restricted in your life and do what you want to do without asking your partner’s permission. And that’s exactly what they achieve in an open relationship. The need for warmth, romance, and love can be lived out and at the same time, you can lead the life you want.

And that has a lot of advantages:

1. No frustration in everyday life

You no longer have the problem that the relationship suffers from everyday life at some point. This problem does not arise in a non-binding partnership, as everyone maintains their single existence just like the relationship side. In this way, no everyday problems creep in and you can enjoy a carefree time together.

2. No pressure to find a partner quickly

Often life circumstances are responsible for the fact that you do not want a stable relationship. It just doesn’t fit into life. But not only that can cause pressure. Many people have certain ideas of a partner and experience time and again in relationships that they cannot be fulfilled. This often leads to the fact that these people do not find a partner for a long time and at some point come to terms with the Mingle existence or even perceive it as a kind of liberation. Because the pressure in the search for the perfect partner is no longer there and you can suddenly really enjoy your mingle existence.

3. No compromises and a free lifestyle

Another advantage is that as a Mingle you can shape your life freely and do not have to discuss things with your partner. No compromises have to be made. You don’t have to ask your partner before going on vacation. Thus, mingling is associated with very little or no stress. 

And the disadvantages?

But being a mixed-single also has disadvantages. Maybe you were in such a relationship with someone yourself and were able to gain some experience. The fact is that not everyone perceives this relationship status as ideal. Sometimes it also happens that you unintentionally develop a deep bond with your partner and would like to turn the open relationship into a steady relationship.

1. Self-doubts are possible

Of course, the whole thing sounds very appealing: You can do what you want and at the same time have all the advantages of a relationship. But this very situation can also cause self-doubt. There is no common future planned and you have absolutely no say in the partner’s plans. All this Mingle thing sounds rosy, but in practice, it is usually not that easy to do.

2. Complications can arise

Feelings can arise, jealousy, and complications. Because the partner can of course flirt with other people in an open relationship, kiss them, and have love with them. And nobody can protect themselves from the event that one does not develop feelings at some point. There is always that risk!

3. You have to face the consequences

It is easy to live without obligations and responsibility, but you have to be aware that you have to face the consequences. This means that you have no claim to your partner even in dangerous situations or emergencies.

Mingle or not?

The decision is of course up to you. It is important, however, that you treat each other honestly and openly state what expectations you have of your partner – regardless of whether you are in an open or a committed relationship. Both forms of relationships can only take place if both are in agreement. Be aware of the risk that comes with being a Mingle. You could get hurt. It is important that you always pay attention and listen to your heart to know what you really want.


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