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Love and Dating

It is not with gasoline that fires the fire of a love that begins to grow! Patience, respect, listening and especially sharing are among the branches available to you. Finally, become reasonable and not pyromaniac. So let go of this torch! All you will win in return is to burn your wings. It’s the same for singles. Do not get flustered with every look you come across. Only time tames the torments of the soul.

Health and Fitness

A good hygiene and a regular practice of a sports activity will greatly favor your tone and your health. Your vital energy is rising, jump on the opportunity to try new sports and take care of your diet. Reduce your intake of sweets and red meats, stop overeating your dishes and eat more fruits and vegetables, preferably season.

Work and Money

You will be particularly skilled during a negotiation. A real shot of poker that will force admiration around you. This success will give you wings in the months to come and you will repeat your feat more than once. This art of the transaction could well open the doors of a new career. Your sense of business combined with your natural cunning distinguishes you all. You are at the dawn of great challenges and success stories.

Family and Friends

Do not make yourself the devil’s advocate. If there is in your circle of acquaintance a long-time friend who tends to beat you up, it may be time for you to confront him with his actions. Do not constantly excuse his attitude by habit. If you really care about his friendship, it will be better to have a heart-to-heart and express your emotions than to leave your annoyances in suspense. These will only hinder your chances of building stronger bonds in the future.

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