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Love and Dating

Your entourage sometimes has difficulty accepting your love choices. For too long you have allowed your loved ones to dictate your actions. This time nobody will judge your last crush. This freedom will give you wings and lead you to unexplored lands. If you have been in a relationship for several years, your partner can make decisions for you. You must oppose it without delay if you wish to regain your independence. How long has it lasted?

Health and Fitness

With this solar aspect, you will be in a state of mind to keep your resolutions related to health. However, if you are one of those who struggle to motivate themselves to play sports, or if you find it hard to suppress your food cravings, you will have to fight against your instincts. Perhaps a good start would be to adopt some precepts of the healthy lifestyle. All of these healthy and colorful recipes, and those tips that combine physical exertion and well-being, should fuel your motivation.

Work and Money

You’ve never been a big fan of change … and yet … you’re facing a reversal of the situation. After the shock of the announcement, it is now time to react and act accordingly. It is necessary to avoid that the tendency does not deteriorate even more and rejoins the dark side. Take things with pragmatism. Without falling into an unfortunate silence that could play tricks on you, skilfully mix raindrops and sunbeams into rainbows.

Family and Friends

The Sun prevents the natives of your sign, especially those of the first decan, to see things in the face. You are on edge as soon as you step out of your door. You have trouble finding the right balance. You will not accept blame, whether from your closest friends or spouse. Do not think they want you bad, quite the opposite! Try to appease the situation and take time to take stock of your current life, tensions will disappear quickly.

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