If you have in front of you a decidedly unconventional person, foreign to all traditions, and with a remarkable creative mind, you can be sure to be in front of an Aquarius.

People of this sign do not belong to any pre-established pattern and have a constant thirst for freedom: they want to deepen their knowledge, expand it to what they do not yet know and visit unknown places. They are particularly proud and proud of who they are, it is impossible to bow to any constraint whatsoever.

An undeniable gift for the sign of Aquarius is the capacity for innovation. Those who belong to this sign are often subject to changes and material things: they can decide to change their hair color overnight, as well as decorating their own home. This desire for change often also involves their reflection: they can change their mind several times, without ever finding any contradictions.

For an Aquarius, friendship can be even more important than love: in any type of relationship, there should be respect, preservation of each other’s space and mutual acceptance.

In love, Aquarius is an independent spirit, which does not tolerate partner jealousy – he is not a jealous type himself. A possible betrayal would lead to the immediate closure of the relationship, because for Aquarius, respect and sincerity are untouchable pillars.

Favorite aquarium day? Saturday! The time of the week when he can devote himself to his innovation projects, to his discoveries and to savor complete freedom!


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