When you grew up, people around you probably always told you that one day you would find “the right one” who would make you complete.

You were constantly taught that you have to make yourself available and vulnerable to that particular person. Of course, you believed that. It is so easy to sell.

You want so desperately to find that particular person who brings a sense of fulfilment and completion to your life.

That is why you are ready to take risks. You open yourself up to more and make yourself more vulnerable. Society keeps telling you that getting everything you want in life depends on finding love.

You will also be taught that if you cannot find the one person with whom you can share everything, it will all be free.

Find love as a journey through life

That’s why you can see yourself spending a lot of time simply looking for the right person. You are so desperate that you do everything possible to attract as much happiness as possible.

Of course, you dream, hope and pray that this particular person will eventually find you because you are so fed up with just sitting around and waiting. Not a day goes by that you don’t wake up in the morning and hope that you will meet the love of your life on this day.

And it’s hard not to think about it when there are so many memories of love in the world around you.

When a beautiful love song comes you think of love.

When you see an older couple walking hand in hand down the street, you think of love.

When you meet your friends and see how happy and fulfilled they are in life, you think of love.

Yes, you are constantly reminded of love in the world. However, at the same time, you will be reminded of the lack of love in your own life, and this will further fuel your despair and search for it.

The fact that you are reminded of your single life continues to fuel your search for true love every day. The desire to fall in love and to be loved is now practically an integral part of your emotional state.

An act of despair

Unfortunately, many people give in to their despair in the end.

Sometimes, to find love, you allow yourself to get into the strangest and most complex relationships. You often let dangerous people into your life because you want to give them a chance in the hope that they will turn out to be the right one in the end.

However, you often find that the opportunities you take advantage of the only end up backfiring. As a result, you will be hurt and this will only fuel your despair. It’s like a cycle that you can’t seem to break out of.

This is exactly why it is so dangerous for you to think that you need to be in a relationship with someone to feel happy.

Of course, you should never base your self-esteem and self-confidence on whether you are in a relationship with someone. You don’t need to be in a relationship with someone to feel valuable.

You deserve to be happy. Of course, you deserve to be loved. And if you have not yet recognized it: love should come first of all from yourself.

Know the value of self-love

It’s okay to wish you, great romantic love. Of course, we all want this fairytale ending for ourselves. It is only natural that you want to feel loved in the arms of this special human being in your life.

However, you have to love yourself first of all. If not, there is a risk that you will fall into this deep well of despair – and this is not a place where you want to find yourself.

Love doesn’t always come when you want it. You may have to wait a long time. However, if you learn to love yourself, you will not feel the urge to rush.

Love will come to you when it wants. And if she does, it will be magical. However, in the meantime, the love you have for yourself should also be enough. While waiting for the right one, remember that you are the priority. And you will always be.


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