First of all, you need to know that it is very admirable that you care so much about the men around you. It’s amazing that you’re always ready to give so much of yourself to your relationships. It is heartbreaking to know that you are so selfless that your own wellbeing is sometimes at risk. Because people like you are very rare, someone brave enough to jump into the cold water for love without having to think twice.

You always see the kindness in the men around you so quickly. You are the one who usually pays attention to things that nobody else really pays attention to. Always ready to give your helpful heart to the outcast; the men who are so incredibly bad that nobody wants to have anything to do with them. These are the bad men who roam the world; the one you stand up for to help them.

They are the ones you have convinced yourself that you can heal. But unfortunately it is often your kindness that allows others to take advantage of you. These men you are trying to help are also the ones who are ready to bite your hand when you feed them.

They are the ones to whom you give your whole heart, but who want nothing more than to step on your feet. They will draw all your strength out of you until you have nothing left to give; and they will leave you helpless, depressed and disappointed.

I want to tell you that the love you deserve will come to you in no time if you continue to be the loving and real soul that you already are. But unfortunately that is not the case. There are just too many terrible men in the world. And you, with your selfless heart, will not heal any of them. And many of them will only take advantage of you before you find the man you are supposed to be with.

You will end up in many terrible relationships, with guys who are constantly playing with your mind and messing up your feelings.

They will bully you with every chance they get. They will abuse and manipulate you to the extent that you do things that may be self-destructive to you but are beneficial to them. These are the men who will keep you on a leash and guide you through life with them but will only give you crumbs.

They will never be the men who need you, but they will always require you to be the best version of yourself. And since you are a caring woman, you will do that too. These are the men who come into your life and leave only temporarily, depending on what suits them.

You will meet many men who will quickly conquer you with sweet lines and words just to win you over. They’ll shower you with kind words, but really won’t have any serious intentions behind those words.

They just want you to awaken their self-esteem and they think they can do it that way. With these means, they want to get the best out of you. They’ll make you think they’re so in love with you; but they’re really only interested in what you can offer them. They don’t love you They just love what you can give them.

They will never bind to you …

These guys will never give you the security you could need in a relationship. They will never be able to give you the peace of mind you deserve from them. Instead, they just give you stress. They will trigger your insecurities and fears. And they will feed on your weaknesses as much as possible.

It is difficult to be who you are. You never seem to get a reward from it. But you have to be persistent. Because only you win at the end of the day. Those men who let you go are the losers. And one day when you find the man that your patience will pay off for, you will forget any other guy who wronged you. And you will get a deep appreciation for the love you always deserve.

I want to give you one more thing on the way: love in the way you have loved so far and in time you will find the kind of love you deserve.


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