With the New Year, the opportunity comes to assess where you are and where you want to be. Take this opportunity to express the specific intentions you want in 2020. Start by identifying what you would like to leave in 2019 and, more importantly, what you would like to host in 2020. By making this effort, recognize what is not working and think deeply with yourself, you are communicating to the universe exactly what you want right now.

Start by removing what you want to say goodbye, own what is not working in your life, where you want to see the changes and what you need to say goodbye. These can be as concrete or abstract as you need them to be. Goodbye, 2019! Goodbye, negative thoughts and goodbye to negative people. Goodbye, hold back the wrong people. Goodbye, tears. Goodbye to sleep all day. Goodbye doubting me. Goodbye hates himself. Go to the people who hurt you. Goodbye disrespect. Goodbye to all those who make you feel less than you. Goodbye judgment. Goodbye the ego. Goodbye distraction. Goodbye pain.

Once you have released what you no longer need, welcome what you want! Let your intentions be unique and let this new list guide your choices over the next year. Hello 2020! Hello, closing and goodbye continues! Hi new people and hi new places. Hi trust and take care of yourself. Hi, positive thoughts. Hi, positive energy. Hello happiness. Hi, acceptance. Hi learning and hi growth! Hi, healthy choices. Hello, clarity and hello good influences. Hi, come on. Hi, change! Hi, calm down, hi empathy. Hi, vulnerability. Hi, help people and hi yourself. Hello, my love. Get into the habit of speaking to the universe and the universe will respond.


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