All the libra secrets of October 2021 revealed!

As a Libra, you are incredibly diplomatic and friendly.

You attract others with your openness and lack of judgment. But what happens when you’ve allowed toxic entities to enter your life? The best way to purge the outside world of its ailments is to look within.

Working on yourself first will be your main priority during the month of October. You will encounter a feeling of seeking truth and rebellion against certain morals that you have put in place.

Fair and equitable, take your own advice and stay true to who you are!

The New Moon brings growth and change to the zodiacs and allows them to start all over again. This lunar phase affects all zodiacs in the same way, except Libra. Indeed, it will force you to find new meaning within yourself rather than in the outside world.

Kind and open-minded, Libra loves diplomacy!

You don’t like drama, you don’t like problems, and you certainly try to avoid confrontation. What you really love is being at peace with your friends and being genuine with those around you.

However, life is not perfect which creates a problem in Libra’s world as she desires to live in a world where everything is dandy and sweet. Libra likes being in control and having everything going well for them, but that is neither society nor reality.

Sometimes people can upset Libra and that leaves her with that empty hole inside because she wants everyone to love her. The New Moon is usually a time when the zodiac signs come out and try to find a new beginning in the outside world, but Libra is going to find a new beginning within themselves.

Being able to trust yourself enough to begin the process of purging toxic energy from your life is crucial for Libra happiness. Yes, you can’t expect everyone to like you.

It is not a necessity and it is certainly not healthy to have this craving. Remember that you are a sign of diplomacy and during the New Moon you need to balance your friendships and your inner energy.

Over the past few weeks, Mercury has retrogressed and the zodiacs have gone haywire.

Once Mercury turns its direct energy and begins to move forward into the future, all solar signs will experience subtle movement in the energy of Mercury.

This will cause a corresponding change in the zodiacs and the way they behave and express themselves. When Mercury was in retrograde, Libra’s main goal was to find internal balance and harmony, to realize where that harmony was lacking, and to figure out how to do things differently the second time around.

The natural idealism of Mercury is directed within the Libra soul, rather than outward, towards society. When Mercury is facing forward in Libra, it seeks balance, clear thoughts, and an open mind.

Most zodiac signs are reasonably confident that they learned something about themselves during the last demotion, but Libra is the only one who will really question their growth.

The quick thoughts that surge through Libra’s mind are going to be persistent and develop into their primary focus, which is whether they are able to handle the future.

With your logical senses in turmoil, you will then be faced with the search for attention that Mercury can sometimes introduce. The Sun is the center of the galaxy and it is very powerful. The forces of the Sun therefore cause a feeling of deeper impact when it enters Scorpio.

Scorpio is a planet of intensity, although it is quite reserved in a way. The Sun will bring out the most daring version of Libra, with Scorpio bringing it caution and keen eyes.

Libra, you are very confident and this can lead you to the very forces you were trying to eliminate during the New Moon. When embarking on new adventures, remember that you are going to grab the attention of the public, but don’t be fooled into thinking that all that glitters is gold.

This planetary alignment will begin on the 23rd and influence Libra to tap into their soul to find an exciting adventure.

The last quarter moon will rise on the 28th and allow you to reflect on the changes and achievements of your zodiac. Allow your mind to nostalgically transcend the corners of the brain that hold memories, and analyze your past transactions with thoroughness and positive criticism.

You are a capable sign of great friendship, but you can also indulge yourself too easily. Learn how to balance the two and you will truly live up to your name.

And the relationships in all of this?

For Libra natives in particular, this month will not be very favorable for romantic relationships. The poor state of your family life will be clearly visible in your love life. Planetary transits and positions don’t seem to favor your love life either.

There will be no warmth in your relationship. There won’t be any relevant sweetness in the relationship, so your heart can stay filled with love. The conjunction of the Sun and Mars in the second half of the month, on the other hand, will change for the better.

Anger is sure to cause problems in your relationship. Try to keep an eye on your nature.

The beginning of the month will be very favorable to married natives. But it should also be noted that during the whole month, Mars will be on the seventh house. Mars, the red planet, will make your life partner’s nature fierce, which will bring tension in the husband-wife relationship and lead to family debates.

Try to avoid frivolous arguments. Be patient if your partner stays angry with you. This is the only way not to let the conditions get worse.

Your family life will be full of ups and downs. The second house of your sign is under the occupation of the descending node of the Moon. As a result, the domestic environment will be polluted and clashes will take place between family members.

Try to be patient, as the times can be quite trying. Saturn and Jupiter are seated together in the fourth house. The conjunction of these two planets indicates that your family will be linked to a social cause during this month.

You can also actively participate in the social works of the company. It will only strengthen your reputation and that of your family. This will have a positive effect on the family environment and some relief will be given to this permanent stress.

You will have the full support of your brothers and sisters. It will bring you some mental peace and you will finally be stress free.


All the libra secrets of October 2021 revealed!

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