Having someone with whom you can share your innermost and deepest thoughts – and feel comfortable and safe while doing it – is true intimacy.

Giving my body to someone is very intimate and meaningful, but having this person not only as a lover but also as a best friend is what I am really looking for.

Finding a lover is no longer so difficult. It is relatively easy to find a person who would like to sleep with you and disappear from your life. This is the sad reality in which we live.

But finding someone who will want to stay and share life with you with all the ups and downs is the hardest part.

Sharing a bed with someone and having an unattached adventure is easy. Many men and women would like to have the opportunity to have a night of excitement and pleasure without any commitment and feelings that could get in their way.

But I want more. I want a lover who understands how my body works and will take his time with me, knowing that we have all the life before us. I want to be in touch with him more than on the physical plane.

I want someone to know how my mind works. A man who will be attracted by my intellectual side as much as physical.

I want to be able to share my feelings with him. I want him to be my passionate lover who will be the best friend at the same time.

I want someone to be there when I cry on the kitchen floor, feeling completely lost and misunderstood. I want him to wipe my tears and tell me that everything will be fine because he is here.

I want him to roll on my side of the bed as he wakes up and kisses me on the lips, waking me in the most pleasant way possible.

I want him to laugh at how funny my hair is in the morning and how to get them down in a cute way, rather than giving me a meaningful kiss on my forehead before getting up to work.

I want a lover who will ask me what time I come out of work, so he can pick me up because he has a whole night for us.

I want to watch football games with him, drink beer and laugh at myself because he can make me laugh until I pee in the pants.

I want us to travel together. I want us to explore the world as much as possible.

I want us to have this relationship where we love nothing more than being in each other’s company because we understand each other at a whole new level that no one can understand.

I want him to feel like I’m one of his closest friends, with whom he can go out, laugh for hours, play darts and make fun of each other, then kiss for 5 minutes straight because he is so attracted to me.

I want a relationship where there is literally nothing we can not talk about, but at the same time, where we can spend a whole weekend in bed together, curl up, watch TV, kiss and to be perfectly satisfied.

I want him to send me funny text messages all the time that will make me laugh out loud while I’m at work and make me so happy to have this man at home.

I want him so much that I miss him when I’m on a business trip that he does not take my eyes off my return, that he wants to know everything and that he spends the night in bed until the wee hours in the morning.

I want everything I need. I want to laugh with him. I want to be stupid with him, and I want him to catch me with one look.

I want him to be my person, my lover and my best friend in the world with whom I can share my whole life.

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