According To Your Zodiac Sign Your Impossible Love

According To Your Zodiac Sign Your Impossible Love

We all have a forbidden love or a platonic love, but the ones that really leave their mark are the impossible loves. It is very difficult to accept that you will not have the love of that person who resists your charms or who is not compatible with you. That feeling is very frustrating, especially when you know that the incompatibility you have is bigger than the sentimental connection. If you want to know what your impossible love is according to your zodiac sign, don’t be left in doubt and keep reading: 


💔 Your impossible love is: PISCES

With the fish you will feel that you carry all the weight of the relationship, Pisces is a very dependent sign and you are the complete opposite. Pisces can be “your punching bag” and you know it, you have a lot of temperament and Pisces is a very sensitive sign. If you get into an argument, you probably won’t get out of it for a long time because you have very different personalities. Pisces manages her emotions with a lot of depth and feelings, and you are more incendiary on that topic. Aries, you don’t like shows of maximum drama or victimhood, so you prefer to get away and Pisces in that case would not let you go away.


💔 Your impossible love is: AQUARIUS 

Your impossible love would be Aquarius for several reasons. The first is the lack of communication that can exist when you are next to each other. Another is that you have a more conservative character and Aquarius has a much more open mind. It is difficult for you to find a topic of conversation that does not end in a fight. Aquarius does not accept leading a very organized love life, and you do not accept the idea of ​​leading a crazy love life without a clear direction. The only thing you can share is your coldness when it comes to addressing some matters of the heart. For the rest, you don’t even complement each other in the white of your eyes. 


💔 Your impossible love is: CAPRICORN 

For you, Gemini, the possibility of locking yourself in a love story with the goat is like being put in a glass cell. With Capricorn, you have the feeling that you cannot be 100% yourself because you feel that the goat has a very critical view. Your love is impossible because at his side you cannot spread your wings as you like. It is a reality like a big castle and you know it. In the end, Capricorn can become a very authoritarian figure as if she were your mother, and you don’t want that in your love life. The only thing you like about Capricorn is the sense of loyalty that he always shows and the security that he grants. And nothing more. 


💔 Your impossible love is: SAGITTARIUS 

The relationship with the goalkeeper can be tremendous chaos. Sagittarius is a person who risks a lot in life and you don’t like your love life to be unpredictable or lacking stability. You are a very sensitive water sign and need to feel emotionally safe. The goalkeeper cannot offer you the security you want because he is a real restless ass. It doesn’t stop and that gets on your nerves. You also don’t have much desire for commitment and that scares you, you can’t conceive the idea of ​​having a life without commitment. Under the sheets you can have a spectacular connection, Cancer, but don’t wait for Sagittarius to stay to make the “spoon” because he’s not going to do it. With what you like… 


💔 Your impossible love is: TAURUS

With Taurus, you are going to have the feeling that all your steps are going to be judged and you don’t like that one bit. You are a very passionate fire sign and by your side, you need someone who understands EVERYTHING you do every day to channel your energy and shine as you do. Taurus is your impossible love because in a way you cannot shine with total freedom by his side. Their manias may end up affecting the relationship in some way. His cold character can harm your warmer side and you can end up dealing with a power struggle to see who can do more and who rules more. The only thing you can agree on is that you are two very familiar and homely people, but nothing more. 


💔 Your impossible love is: SAGITTARIUS

Sagittarius is your impossible love because you act very differently in love and in any area of ​​life. Sagittarius needs a lot of personal space to be free and do what they want. You don’t want your relationship to be very dispersed, you like to share everything you have with your partner. You are looking for stability, security, and trust in your relationships, and with the archer, you can find this quite difficult. Next to him, you will not find the stability that you are looking for so much, but you will find many headaches due to the lack of communication that you have. The only thing you can agree on is that passion overflows you when you are truly in love. 


💔 Your impossible love is: VIRGO 

Your impossible love is Virgo and deep down you are not surprised that this is the case, you already notice the difference in character you have. Virgo is a very methodical, organized, manic, cold, and determined person and you are the complete opposite. You can’t stand Virgo’s critical and bossy spirit, you can’t have peace and quiet next to him, it’s impossible. And your mood swings aren’t very compatible with Virgo’s assertiveness either. The only thing you can agree on with complete certainty is your stubbornness. Virgo’s is drier and colder and yours is a bit more dramatic and cunning, but you are both two tough nuts to crack when you want to be right.


💔 Your impossible love is: LIBRA 

It makes you very angry that you can’t have something serious with Libra, because you love their aura and personality, but the incompatibility is quite real. Libra would be your impossible love for many reasons, but let’s focus our attention on the most important one: your different views on life in general. Libra sees life with a little shyness, with some fear of the unknown, and with a quite changing rhythm. You are more confident with everything, Scorpio, you are a person with very clear ideas and overwhelming energy. You would have to be constantly pulling Libra to leave fear behind.


💔 Your impossible love is: CANCER

If you want your personal space not to be invaded by an intense loop of overflowing emotions, it is better not to get into a love story with the crab. Cancer is your impossible love because you are two totally opposite people. Your element is intense fire, and Cancer’s element is pure water. On one side is your strong and ambitious personality, and on the other side is the sensitivity and temperament of the crab. Your union can be full of ups and downs and strong arguments due to a lack of communication. The best thing is that you have a relationship of sincere friendship and nothing more. 


💔 Your impossible love is: LEO 

It is clear: if you have a relationship with the lion, you are going to have quite a few power and pride struggles. Leo is a very ambitious, intense, direct, and passionate person. You need to have your space, your rules, and your manias in peace and harmony, and next to him, it can be quite impossible. It can’t give you that peace and that organized routine that you want and that can get on your nerves. You are Capricorn and you will never leave your tastes aside to adapt to those of your partner without complaining. Your union can be very good in the business world because you are both very strong and successful leaders. But in love, far is better than close. 


💔 Your impossible love is: ARIES

The ram is your impossible love, without a doubt. Aries is fire and you are air and the mixture of these two elements can be quite chaotic. Air can make the fire flare up, but it can also make it disappear for a while and you know it. Aries have a very clear idea of ​​love: they cannot conceive the idea of ​​having a cold or dispersed relationship. Aries is a person who needs attention and who actually needs contact continually. You are a more carefree, more independent person, very intense and not very calm. You have similar eyes, because for everything else things seem quite complicated.


💔 Your impossible love is: SCORPIO

You are partners in the element, water, but you cannot be drama-free lovers. Scorpio is your impossible love for a clear reason: you are actually very different. Scorpio is too ambitious and you are a little more understanding and scattered in that sense. You are very humble with your feelings and the Scorpio is more ambitious and passionate and does not go as deep as you want. You can both understand each other very well through friendship, but in a relationship, you are going to want very different things. The only thing you have in common is that powerful sensitivity that characterizes you, but nothing more.  

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