Astrology can answer many questions you might have about your love life.

Even though many people don’t consider astrology to be an exact science, it can’t be denied that curiosity sometimes prompts us to take a look at what our zodiac sign has to say about our present and our future.

Our destiny is written in the stars! And, over the centuries, successive generations have passed on their admiration for the constellations.

Some people strongly believe in everything that astrology predicts. And, they diligently follow the recommendations and advice given to their zodiac sign.

Their whole life is governed by the predictions linked to the stars. And, they don’t make any important decisions without checking out what astrology has to say on it.

Others, on the other hand, see astrology as a little helping hand. That is to say, they do not necessarily believe it but read the predictions to reassure themselves.

For example, when they need to make an important decision or whether their life partner is the right person for them.

Then there is a third category of people who absolutely do not believe in astrology but use it as a way of having fun.

Curiosity prompts them to read the predictions of their zodiac sign, but this does not influence their lives or the decisions they make.

However, whether we believe it or not, we must admit that the horoscope can give us a fairly precise idea of ​​the future that awaits us.

Moreover, the stars do not only influence our decisions, our professional or social life but also our love life.

And, thus, it can be seen that people born under the same zodiac sign share common characteristics.

In love, for example, they tend to seek the same type of partner. They encounter the same obstacles.

And, astrology tells us that even the fears we have about romantic relationships are closely related to our zodiac sign.

For example, some signs have independence rooted in their DNA and therefore engagement can be scary for them.

Other signs, on the other hand, are afraid of being alone and therefore they are ready to accept any kind of romantic relationship if it prevents them from being single.

Astrology and the fear of love

Love scares many people. It’s no secret and it’s not something you should be ashamed of.

Your painful romantic experiences and your life, in general, have created anxieties and uncertainties.

In addition, if you come from a broken family, a single parent or if your parents were absent from your life then the fear of being hurt by someone you love is even more distressing.

Let’s find out together what fear dominates your love life, according to your month of birth, that is to say according to your zodiac sign.


The name of your zodiac sign says it all! You are a stubborn person. You love your comfort zone and change scares you.

Because of that, you prefer to rely on yourself. You don’t like depending on someone else and that’s what scares you in romantic relationships.

Just falling in love scares you because it means you have to lean on that person.

However, it could leave and hurt you. Besides, you are also afraid of the change that this person could make in your life.


By nature, you are an unpredictable person. The only thing that is certain about you is that sooner or later you will change your mind.

You like the idea of ​​having multiple options and keeping all the doors wide open.

You are afraid of romantic relationships because the simple fact of choosing the wrong / wrong partner creates anxiety for you.


By nature, you are a caring, protective and loving person. You are never afraid to share your concerns with others.

You like everyone. And, you don’t judge anyone. You take people as they are without trying to change them.

You are, on the other hand, afraid of romantic relationships because you think that this person might underappreciate you.

Your expectations of a romantic relationship are also very high and you are afraid that you will not be able to meet them.


Your zodiac sign is made to love. Everything related to love inspires and invigorates you. It’s like your fountain of youth.

You easily fall in love and your relationship is always very intense.

Finding someone who is capable of loving on the same level as you is difficult. And, that’s why you’re afraid of falling in love.


You are a very private person. People only see what you allow them to see. You hide what you perceive as flaws in your personality.

Feeling like you deserve love is a real challenge for you. As you are too critical of yourself, you tend to develop an inferiority complex.

So you are afraid to disappoint. You think that when you fall in love, the other discovers your true character and is surprised.

So he or she thinks you lied to him and leaves you.


Your world is ruled by fear and indecision. You are afraid of being alone. And, it pushes you to have one night stands and be unfaithful.

How other people see you is very important to you. And, you are afraid of falling in love because it would force you to show your true nature.


Being betrayed is your worst fear. This feeling is so strong that it causes you to be constantly suspicious / suspicious of the people around you.

And, this fear of betrayal is particularly present when you are with your loved ones. Add to that your need for a perfect romantic relationship and there you have it.

You want those around you to be 100% honest with you. Still, you don’t want your loved ones to realize how scared you are.

It is this contradiction that pushes you to be frightened by love and the life of a couple.


You have energy to spare. Your passion for life is contagious. By nature you are very curious and you need to experience an adventurous love.

You need to feel the passion every day and you are afraid because you firmly believe that the routine of daily life is going to deprive you of it.

Your fear of love stems from being afraid of the possibility of being trapped in a monotonous lifestyle.


You have an immense capacity to control your emotions and your life. You are a disciplined person who likes order.

But, you think love is unpredictable and carefree so you overanalyze everything. The idea of ​​letting your emotions get the best of you scares you a lot.


Your zodiac sign symbol tells you everything you need to know about your personality. You are an independent person who likes to think freely.

You are not afraid to live alone. But, this energy pushes you to look for a partner that you will be able to love passionately.

However, you are afraid of the idea that your independence is limited by the romantic relationship.


You need your freedom and some time for yourself. In your opinion, the world offers many possibilities, each one as extraordinary as the next.

You are afraid of falling in love because you think it will limit you and restrict your abilities.

Even you are loyal by nature, your independence is much more important to you.

So living in a real, healthy romantic relationship scares you to the max.


You are absolutely not selfish. You like to get out of your comfort zone to help others, without ever expecting anything in return.

Yet you are afraid of love because you do not want to trust someone and then be disappointed and hurt.

You have faith in the human race, but you are also aware that not everyone has the best intentions. You prefer to be on your guard.

Each of us has our own reasons for being afraid of love. It is important to recognize them in order to be able to fight against these primary instincts.

If you want to live happily as a couple, you have to be able to face the truth in the face. You cannot hide your fears under the rug in the hope that they will go away.

If you are, for example, afraid of choosing the wrong / wrong partner, you may need to focus on the criteria that push you to select this or that person.

Take the time to make a precise list of the qualities you are looking for in your other half. And, most importantly, make a list of everything you are not ready to accept from him.

For example, if you want a man who is more family oriented, don’t date someone who is addicted to work.

If you are looking for a woman who is ready to go with you on all your adventures, don’t hang out with someone who doesn’t like change.

Making a clear and precise list of what you expect and what you refuse to accept is the best way to keep your fears under control.

Plus, it’ll save you wasting time and energy on toxic people who shy away from engagement like the plague.

To overcome your fears, you must find the source and face them. Running away is the worst thing you can do.

Because, the day you fall mad / madly in love / in love, these will hit you in the face like a slap.

They will paralyze you and you will not be able to take the necessary step to seriously engage with the person you want so much.


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