According To Your Sign Why You Are Only Your Crush’s Friend

Your Crush's Friend

According To Your Sign Why You Are Only Your Crush’s Friend

The crush… that platonic love that we have all had at some point in our lives. That person who seems unreachable, but is really just a person like all of us. Sometimes we put obstacles ourselves for fear of what might happen and we put the limit of just being friends with our crushes, but life is two days and if we really want something with him, we should risk it. If you want to know why you are only your crush’s friend based on your zodiac sign, just keep reading:


Aries, it is impossible for you to take the step and tell your crush that you like him because you are afraid of establishing a more special connection with him and stop feeling the same way. You’re afraid of getting your heart broken, you don’t want to suffer and that’s why you prefer to keep having your crush by your side, even as a friend, before risking doing something else and everything going to mess. You would never forgive yourself, or yes, who knows…


Taurus, you are a person of habits and the truth is that you are very well as you are right now. You wouldn’t want to lose the friendship you have with your crush because of a simple one-night stand. You know that if you take the plunge, things will never be the same again and you’d rather stay as you are than mess things up for a one-night stand. Well, maybe one day you’ll take the step and send everything to mess, but that day is not in your plans at the moment. 


Gemini, you are a forward-thinking person, you are not afraid of taking risks because you know that to win you have to do it, but there is something that holds you back. You’re only friends with your crush because you’re afraid you’ve misread all the signs, you’re afraid of opening up and they won’t feel the same way about you. That’s why you haven’t taken the big step yet, but you will soon, you and the whole world know it. You never stay with the desire. 


Cancer, you are always willing to live a love story. You love the feeling that runs through your whole body when you feel like you are in love, but you are still only your crush’s friend because you are afraid of being better friends than a couple. You are afraid to jump in, love him, and see that there is no connection and that is why you prefer to stay as you are rather than send your friends to mess.


Leo, you are very passionate, and you have a strong and lovely character. You never give up, and you always get everything you want, but you are still only your crush’s friend because you are afraid that your feelings are stronger than his. He terrifies you that he’s going to say yes to dating you, simply because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. You know that sooner or later you will take the step, but for now, you need to know a little more about his feelings. 


Virgo, you love to have everything under control, you don’t like to leave things in the hands of others because you know that otherwise, it will be a disaster. You’re still only your crush’s friend because you’re afraid things won’t turn out your way. You have the perfect date in your head, but you’re afraid to ask him out and things won’t go the way you want. Virgo, stop fooling around because if you’re made for each other, it won’t matter what happens on your first date. 


Libra, you have crushes even in the underworld. Every day you fall in love with a different person, but there is always one that stands out among all. You’re still only your crush’s friend because you feel like he only sees you as his little brother. You have the feeling that he protects you like no one else, but you don’t want that feeling. You want it to protect you in a passionate way and to make you rise to the clouds and make your legs tremble from… we already know what.  


Scorpio, there is no one with more ovaries/eggs than you in this world. There is nothing that resists you and you know that sooner or later your crush will stop being your friend to be something else, but for now, there is something that stops you. You are afraid of getting too attached to him and the thought of losing him terrifies you. You know that if you take the step you may lose his friendship, but deep down you know what you want and you have to do it. If someone wants to lose your friendship simply for being honest with your feelings, they already know what they have to do. 


Sagittarius, your optimism will never let you lose hope. Normally you are not afraid of anything, you are a bold person who likes to take risks and with your crush, it will not be much less. At the moment you are just friends with him because you don’t want to open your heart and be honest about your feelings before you know if he has feelings for someone else. You’re not going to be anyone’s mainstay, but as soon as you find out, you won’t hesitate for a single second to take the plunge and jump into the pool as you’ve always done. 


Capricorn, it is very difficult for you to talk about what you feel. You have a cold and distant facade and most people just stick with it, but your interior is full of feelings. You’re still only friends with your crush because you’re afraid of hurting them. You know that if you take the plunge and jump in, you won’t be able to talk to him about your feelings right away and that can confuse him. You need your time and not everyone is capable of understanding it. 


Aquarius, you are not a person who likes commitment too much. You live better in solitude, doing what you want and without giving explanations to anyone. You’re still only friends with your crush because you don’t want to screw up and throw your friendship with him away just for one night of love because you don’t really want anything else. You are very comfortable alone and you do not want relationships, you just want moments of unbridled passion…


Pisces, you are an open book, everyone knows what you are like. Your transparency has always made you have great admirers, but also many enemies. You’re still only friends with your crush because you don’t want to lose what you have. You know that he knows you perfectly and you’re afraid that he doesn’t want anything with you because of your defects, but Pisces, whoever wants to be by your side has to accept you for both your virtues and your defects, if not, damn it.

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