According To Your Sign Why The Person You Love Doesn’t Love You

Person You Love Doesn't Love You

According To Your Sign Why The Person You Love Doesn’t Love You

Falling in love is complicated because it is a layer that prevents you from seeing beyond, it hides the true intentions of the other and suddenly you are there, wanting someone who does not love you, but who in your imagination meets the requirements of the perfect couple. . It hurts to open your eyes, why doesn’t the person you love correspond to you according to your sign? 


The problem is not the love you give, it’s that you give it to indecisive loves, those who are not even capable of loving themselves. You don’t have to be responsible for the other’s emotions or do your best to be treated with the tip of your foot. You are a free, daring soul with a lot of strength, do not waste time with someone who is not able to see it. 


Let’s see Taurus, the fact that you are a responsible sign and that your dreams are big is not synonymous with the fact that you have to solve people’s lives. Your goals are clear and you don’t give up easily, but carrying other people’s insecurities on your shoulders will only lead to ruin. Stay away from those who want to blame you for their mistakes, they don’t know how to love. 


Never Gemini, do not settle for the company of someone who is not capable of recognizing the love that is within you. You are here to fly high and not be emotionally dependent on a person who keeps jumping from love to love. You are putting too much energy into who only drives you crazy. His superficialities don’t benefit you at all.


It is very difficult for you to say “no” to a person, especially when they need you. Your charitable soul does not sit idly by and you do whatever it takes for the other to find peace. The problem is that few are capable of recognizing your sensitivity and that is when you are wrong. A controlling and jealous man doesn’t love you, he just needs you. 


The bad thing is that your relaxed personality ends up attracting very negative people, who only steal your energy and take advantage of any opportunity to highlight your insecurities, fears, and traumas. Leo never justifies so much toxicity in the name of love, that’s giving your life to someone who doesn’t deserve it. I know you think you love him, but no, it’s dependency. 


It’s okay that from time to time a little chaos knocks on your door, most of the beautiful things that happen in life are not planned, but you have to know that there are people who use treating you badly as a hobby and that’s when You must set limits. Someone who makes you cry much more than he makes you laugh doesn’t deserve half your attention. 


I know that it is difficult for you to deny your help to people who say they need you, but Libra wears you out a lot and the only thing they give you is leftover love. It’s exhausting that all the time you’re expecting a little attention, but you only get hurtful comments. You shouldn’t risk your emotional stability for someone like that. 


Lying people make you sick and you know it very well. The worst of the case is that you have a radar to detect it, but your naive side is capable of believing that you may have another opportunity and that’s when you double down without realizing that they want to manipulate you. To love is not to beg, Scorpio, do not adorn the arrogant attitudes of someone who is only attracted by tension. 


Why Sagittarius? You do not need to go around complying with the demands of someone who finds something wrong with you all the time. It is very exhausting to give and give, while the other person makes it clear that it is not enough. To love is to accept yourself, you are not a puppet to make yourself available to him and to do with you what he wants, make no mistake. 


A part of you would like to be like those people who fall in love quickly and with the same intensity say goodbye to those who do not treat them as they deserve. However, you usually hook up with the wrong person because of your stubborn side, it is your ego that tells you that you have to fight, but that is not real. Be careful, someone who humiliates you doesn’t love you and is breaking you. 


From the moment your freedom is put at risk, it is a signal for you to open your eyes. Loving doesn’t mean they force you to comply with every crazy thing that comes to mind. If that person stresses you, manipulates you, and also lies to you, he is telling you everything, he does not deserve you, and you are too genuine to lose your essence for someone like that. 


It may not show, but you are usually very confident when it comes to love. You think that because you give too much, the person will too, but you don’t. There are people who only come to you to escape their reality and want you to end up carrying their problems. Don’t stay with a love scammer, because bitterness will be your only company. 

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