According To Your Sign What You Need In A Relationship But You Are Afraid To Ask

What You Need In A Relationship?

According To Your Sign What You Need In A Relationship But You Are Afraid To Ask

One of the most painful mistakes in life is to neglect your own happiness in an attempt to make the person you love happy. Without realizing it, the days go by and your smile fades, you are there, trying to smile, although inside you can no longer. It is time for you, for you to listen to yourself, for you to have the courage to let go if that person is not loving you as you want. Someone had to say it, what you need in a relationship but you’re afraid to ask according to your sign.


If there is something that life has taught you, it is that it is not rosy, there are times when everything falls apart and your darkest version is the one that guides your steps. You don’t feel proud of it, but at least you face reality. What you need is someone who will not let you go in the midst of sadness, despair, or pain. This is a journey, and that’s why you dare many things, you want to live every second and have a partner who doesn’t give up halfway. 


It is very difficult to realize that no matter how hard you try to love someone, it is not synonymous that that person will give you the same in return. You are a walking heart, you like to give yourself deeply and learn from others. However, what is reserved defines you, you go slowly until you feel reciprocity. That is what you need, to meet your standards, be involved, embrace your emotions, and not judge yourself for everything. Someone who loves you for just being you. 


You are one of those crazy souls, of those who have no limits, of those who were born to express what they feel and what they think. You are terrified of missing an important moment, so you feel frustrated when your partner does not keep up with you. There comes a point where you get tired of informal relationships, you don’t want to be valued every other day. What you need is someone who makes the decision to love you, so that you don’t have to keep reminding them all the time that they should be by your side


Your way of loving is full of unexpected sensations, you like the other person to feel valued, heard, and protected. You are the type of sign that honors love, your heart is huge and your spirit is calm. The bad thing is that there are times when unfortunately you become the savior, so no matter how much you give and give, what you receive will never be enough. Well, that person does not have the maturity to love unconditionally and that is just what you need. 


It is very stressful having to show people that your feelings are good, that you do not want to outshine anyone, and that you are focused on reaching your best version. It has been very difficult for you to trust your qualities to throw away everything you have built. Now, what you need is someone who contributes to you in every way, who has the gift of painting your days and adding new learning. You are no longer for light loves who flee from commitment


The saddest thing about getting used to a relationship is forgetting about yourself. Suddenly, you take a look at your past and realize that you have become someone you don’t know, you don’t like the reflection you see in the mirror, because your soul has become cold and very sad. What you need is someone who respects you, who understands that you are not perfect, and who, instead of letting go of their prejudices, is able to take you by the hand to go out and face the world. Someone who doesn’t minimize your insecurities. 


The goodness that is in you is unmatched, you are always concerned about the feelings of others, empathy moves you and you want everything around you to be harmonious. However, you are tired of building castles that only exist in your imagination. You want something more than a partner who is full of appearances. A love of those that balance you, that is capable of making you feel at peace and at the same time love you without restrictions. You want them to love every drop of your essence. 


It is very easy to choose a partner if the only thing you want is to silence mouths, but for a long time, you stopped caring what they say. You are an intense, mysterious soul, a bit changeable, but there is no lie in your being. Scorpio, that is why you need someone who really shows you that they are with you through thick and thin. A love that you can love and hug, but also that you can tell every concern that goes through your head. 


Your heart is foolish, adventurous, and playful. You love to shout to the world that you are no longer here to do its bidding and that you are going to fight to achieve your happiness. However, there are times when you are too understanding and that leads you to stay with love that is not at your level. It’s not because you think you’re superior, you simply want someone who doesn’t fear, who follows their instincts and instead of complaining, makes an effort to find a solution. Someone who flirts with life. 


People who don’t really know you often get the idea that you and love aren’t the best of friends. Well, they usually describe you as a practical and cold being, someone who doesn’t waste time on nonsense. But no, you bet on a beautiful love, one of those that make your skin crawl and shake your heart. What you need is someone who is honest, who advises you, encourages you, and has no limits when it comes to compliments, details, and romantic gestures. 


Being you is easy to write, but there are very few loves who really understand you at that level. You are an unconventional sign, you are attracted to adventure, but you also follow your logical part. You know that each person who comes to you is synonymous with learning and a lot of growth. However, you need a love that does not interfere with your independence, someone who understands that you were not born to be locked in a cage. Someone who applauds you every time you spread your wings. 


You are a daring, romantic, fun, and creative Pisces. The companion that many would like by their side in the most difficult moments, but you are annoyed at being that person who saves what is broken. What you need is someone who also has the pants to love, who stops making excuses and making excuses every time you tell them you don’t feel loved. Someone who accepts that he is not perfect, but who works every day to be better. 

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