According To Your Sign What Type Of Girlfriend You Are

Type Of Girlfriend You Are

According To Your Sign What Type Of Girlfriend You Are

There are women who should be called a whirlpool because when they come into someone’s life, they shake it to the roots. They are those who have the gift of falling in love with a simple look because there is no lie in their soul and when they decide to give their feelings they honor loyalty. Next to her, that person feels safe. I’m talking about those women who, even if they disappear from your days, you will take them with you forever, because they prove that magic does exist. If you have the privilege of having someone be your girlfriend, don’t let her go, each zodiac sign has something special. The type of girlfriend you are according to your sign.


She is the woman who does not need you to solve her life, every day she fights against the thousand demons that tell her that she is worthless and her impulsive side wins anyway. She is very focused and when she proposes something she does not listen to other people’s opinions, it is her heart that governs her. She is not going to beg for your attention, she knows that she is not here to be given crumbs and she would rather start from scratch than force herself to stay in a relationship that only overshadows her. She is strong, intelligent, if she stays with you it is because she loves you, because you are not essential for her to shine. 


She has a madness that hides very well. On the outside, she appears serious and even has a touch of shyness, but when she decides to throw herself into the arena of love, the romantic side of her is the one she speaks of. She really dares to break her fears and she wants that person to feel special, that’s why she cares for her and respects her. At first, she finds it hard to accept that she is in love with her because she is scared that they do not reciprocate, she takes things very slowly. What she will never forgive you is that you betray her, she can love you with all her being and tear you out of her life if she knows what is best. 


She is the type of woman who needs her space, doesn’t try to rule her for any reason, she hates being told how to dress or makeup. Her soul is liberal, she knows that life goes fast and that is why she loves going out with her friends, walking alone, traveling, playing sports, and pampering herself. She likes to let her heart do her thing, she has no limits, but she is not going to become your passing girl either, she wants exclusivity from the beginning. But if your thing is to play you can tell her and she might want you for a game too, but don’t lie to her


If you want to know how the caresses of an intense, loving, tender, and protective woman feel, then don’t hesitate to give your heart to Cancer. She’s not perfect, she has moments when her emotions betray her, but she’s never going to put you last on her list. There are times when her legs tremble in matters of love, but she throws herself, even if she is afraid. She gives her all, her half-measures don’t fit her personality. For her, hearing an ‘ I love you ‘ is sacred, don’t say it if you don’t feel it, much less minimize her vulnerable side, if she is telling you something it’s because she really trusts you. You will know if you disappoint her. 


If you don’t have quality time for a relationship, you better go your own way and don’t contaminate the peace of a Leo woman. She is independent, and she does not need another half to be happy, but if she realizes that you are good company, she will not hesitate to give you her heart. She is a lover of details, surprises, and gifts. But not because of what they cost, but because of the intention you put in when thinking about it. She is very dedicated, and she has a sweet character, but if you wake up with her bad temper, you better run away. She has a lioness inside of her and she’s not afraid to use it. 


She is the kind of woman who is not looking for a golden dream, she knows that perfect relationships do not exist and therefore she prefers to see everything as reality. She is very cautious, and she has a radar to detect bad love, although there are times when her intuition fails her, she knows how to leave on time, and she is no longer there to tolerate mediocre companies. Her feelings are her greatest treasure, so she stops if she doesn’t feel that the situation is being reciprocated. She never allows herself to be manipulated, she knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want. She falls in love with her, but not to the point of losing her essence. 


Sometimes a princess and other times a warrior, this is how a Libra woman surrenders to love. She is very sweet, empathetic, and flirtatious. It is true, she likes others to like her, but when she decides that her love is for someone, there is no human power to interfere. She is very attentive, and her advice is a key piece in her relationships, more than a girlfriend, she is a friend and that is appreciated. Although, she has moments in which her insecurities torment her and make her believe that she is not enough, time alone is enough for her to wipe her tears and keep going, giving her her space


If you want to experience what it’s like to be in a relationship with a magnetic, daring, and loyal woman, then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to share your days with Scorpio. She doesn’t believe in coincidences, that’s why she takes advantage of every second, she’s not one of those who wants nothing. However, she is very strict with her rules, she can’t stand lies, let alone being cheated on, at that moment she knows that there is no way to forgive. They say that she is jealous, but I would say that she takes care of her own and if you don’t know how to respect your partner, you better not look at her. She is the type of girlfriend who can send everything to hell if she doesn’t like something. 


True, she is skeptical in relationships, because when she confided, her heart was mercilessly broken. So, she decided to stop believing in love at first sight, she no longer wants paper stories, she wants to be shown with facts that she is in the right place. She prefers to be cautious before sharing her weaknesses with someone who hides from everything. She is magical, tender, and very adventurous, but when she loves she wants exclusivity. Yes, she believes in her commitment, but few of her loves awaken that in her. She’s not complicated, she just wants them to behave well and if they don’t, she leaves. 


For her, loving is something serious, because passing relationships make her very lazy. She’s not the type of woman who settles for one night, she wants something more. She’s already experienced love just for fun, now she’s betting on a lasting bond. When she finds someone who fits her dreams, she hardly lets go. She takes risks, she is not afraid of breakups, and she prefers to stay with her desire. They say that she is cold, but it is not true, she is selective because she does not melt in love with everyone. She is loyal, caring, understanding, and a hard worker. She gives you so much more than she takes from you. 


If you expect Aquarius to fall for you just because you give him a little affection, let me tell you, you are with the wrong woman. She is not one to allow herself to be chained, she was born to honor freedom and if someone is capable of understanding it, she can stay. She is fun, loving, and thoughtful, but she needs to really appreciate her partner. She never settles, she works very hard to achieve her dreams. Therefore, the worst thing you can do is invalidate when she tells you about her plans for the future, if you demotivate her, forget it, she is going to leave. 


For her, loving is essential, she cannot conceive of life without a caress, a hug, or comfort. However, that does not mean that she is going to go with the first person who shows her the slightest sign of affection. Do not mistake the compassion that is in her heart, she needs much more than superficialities to give herself. Before her, her idealization made her make mistakes, because she insisted on finding the good side of someone who the only thing that showed her was manipulation, but that naive version of Pisces no longer exists. She now wants a love that guides her when it comes to love, someone who gives herself completely and conquers her every day. 

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