According To Your Sign Tips For Building A Healthy Relationship

Building A Healthy Relationship

According To Your Sign Tips For Building A Healthy Relationship

Building a relationship where both people feel safe and can grow together is not always easy. It requires a moment of analysis, in which each one expresses how they feel, the limits and characteristics of the relationship, and what each person needs from the other. The signs are very different from each other and they contribute what they can to relationships, but they also have to be attentive to master some unhealthy impulses or to ask for something that is hard for them to say. We leave you some tips to build a healthy relationship according to your sign.


Aries, you are a sign with a lot of initiative, so you usually take it all the time, canceling the other person many times. To build a good relationship you must let your partner express what they want and decide for themselves. It would also be good for you to control your anger attacks, to breathe before exploding, or to do so away from your partner. Really listening to the other person, spending quality time and conversations, and being available in bad times will also be very important, Aries.


To build a good relationship you are going to have to stop being such a stubborn Taurus and let the other person win sometimes. It is also very important that you do not hold so many grudges, that is, that you know how to let go of the little things that are not important. Finally, the subject of jealousy. Trusting the other person is a very important basis for the relationship, it will help you a lot to believe in yourself, and in what you are worth.


Gemini, your head is always going a thousand an hour and you can’t help but wonder if you could do better than what you have. You have to learn to value your partner for who they are, see the good in them, and what they give you that no one else can. And of course not to lose their confidence. Gemini, if you are in a relationship, make clear the limits that you would like, if you want an open relationship, say it clearly but do not play with fire.


Cancer, you are all love and you know how to create a home, but it is very difficult for you to truly show yourself as you are. You put up such a high barrier that it is very difficult to get to know you. Many times you only appreciate things that don’t make much sense, the feelings that you can’t hide anymore, this confuses the other person a lot. To build a healthy relationship, be honest and explain to the other person how you function on an emotional level. You need your moments alone, sometimes you are more animated and other times you don’t feel like doing anything. With this clear, the couple will better understand your way of being and accept it. 


Leo, you are usually a loyal sign and you show your partner pride. But sometimes you wish you had more of a role than the other person, or you fight too much for both of you to be the center of attention. To build a relationship you must show yourself in a more mature way. Flow more quietly and allow yourself to be in the shade sometimes. Perhaps at some point, your partner has to be the center of attention, it will be time to take care of her and you stay in the background. Don’t worry, the other person will make it up to you when the time comes.


To achieve a healthy relationship, you will have to bite your tongue before making criticism. See if it is really something constructive and that it can be improved. The way of saying things should also be more tactful, taking into account the other person’s feelings. Understand that nothing can reach the level of perfection you want and that this search can also be exhausting. 


For your relationship to work, you have to put your feet on the ground, Libra. On the one hand, accept that the other person is not always going to be perfect and they are not always going to be as balanced and happy as you would like. On the other hand, don’t let people outside the relationship manipulate you. This is very important Libra, both friends and colleagues who really just want to take advantage of you leaving your partner. Look inside yourself and really appreciate what you have with the person you love.


Scorpio, you have a very deep emotional world that you must learn to share with your partner without saturating the other person. You have to lower the level of intensity when communicating so that they can understand you. Learn to express what you think and feel, without others feeling intimidated. In addition, being so authoritarian can lead you to very uncomfortable moments, the other person also needs to have her own ideas.


You must learn to forget if you want your relationships to work. Forget what another partner did to you and also forget if you have had bumps with your current partner. Only then can you improve the relationship and look forward. You learn from everything but you can’t carry the grudge, pain, and anger. It is not healthy for you or for the relationship. 


If you want to create a healthy relationship you are going to have to start dedicating time to it. And have the possibility that if there is an unforeseen event in which the other person needs you, you can be there. Also, your level of responsibility is extreme. In order not to overwhelm you, think that you are responsible for your actions, not those of your partner, the other person makes and manages her own decisions. You can advise but nothing more.


For your relationship to work, you must do your part in making things clear. Flowing is very good, but once you reach certain levels it is good to establish some bases, you will not lose freedom with this. The other person will feel much more secure. In addition, communication is very important, disappearing for a long time without any reason can make the other person feel very confused. You should avoid this type of behavior.


For a healthy relationship you will have to support the other person, not just ask them to support you. Being there when you are needed and not trying to get attention back to you right away. It is also very important to put your feet on the ground and not idealize the relationship, it can be a big problem when you realize the reality too late.

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