According To Your Sign The Type Of Lover You Are

Type Of Lover You Are

According To Your Sign The Type Of Lover You Are

good lover is not only the one you miss at dawn, it is much more than a pair of messy sheets. He is the one who comes to your mind without warning, in the middle of the afternoon and you remember him when you smile. Each zodiac sign has a special way of charming you without even laying a finger on you. It is a matter of sensations that leave you with a sigh in the middle and at the same time restart you. If you are curious and want to know the type of lover you are according to your sign, pay attention. 


You are the lover who gives himself firmly, you like things clear and when something does not make you feel comfortable, you leave. It may be that for some you are very dominant and even manipulative, but it doesn’t matter to you, you are not going to settle for being next to someone who does not fill you completely. Staying calm has never been your thing, you prefer to live in the moment and let yourself go than stay with the desire for something. When you love, you do it without fear, as long as you are sure that the other person is not afraid of commitment. You are not one of those who take love lightly, you want exclusivity and respect for your essence. For nothing in the world would you forgive a betrayal? 


A lover who does not get carried away by passion, you have an intense side, however, you turn it on until the other person shows you stability. At first glance, you may seem like a very serious couple, because you don’t take anything for granted and you always put logic first, but that doesn’t mean you’re not fun. You want practicality, the simpler the procedure is for you, the better. Of course, Venus awakens your romantic and sensitive side. You are very discreet when it comes to detail, but you always hit the mark, you have the gift of surprising your partner with what they like. When you love you are very loyal, for nothing in the world, you would end up in other arms. If you no longer feel the same, you prefer to end the relationship. 


Without a doubt, you are the type of lover who breaks the rules, you do not settle, you are used to achieving what you want and if something does not meet your expectations, you simply change your scene. People say you don’t commit yourself, but it’s braver to give up love in time than to pretend a perfect life when in reality behind four walls they live to fight after fight. A sign that trusts in its abilities and do not hesitate for a moment to add a touch of fun to everything it does. What you hate the most is drama, you want the peace of mind that being with that person is positive for your health. You do not like to feel that your partner wants to impose on you. Your freedom is sacred and you do not intend to sacrifice it for anything. 


The lover is not afraid to embrace romance in a very deep way. You have the biggest heart in the world and you know it, but it is not always appreciated by the people who come into your life. Throughout the journey, you have learned that not everyone deserves your best version, and becoming selective is the best gift you have given for your mental, physical and emotional health. However, once you meet someone who is worth it, you love to fill her with details and especially put yourself in her place, being empathic is very good for you. The only bad thing is when your emotional side takes control and you can feel inferior because of all those thoughts that appear in your mind. Sometimes you need them to tell you and show you that they love you. 


It is not because of ego, but the people who have had the privilege of entering your heart describe you as an unforgettable being, that lover who is capable of raising energy just by exchanging a couple of words. Your sense of humor has the gift of warming the soul, you know exactly what words to use to make the person feel better. That magnetism is not in doubt, you love when your partner fights for their dreams, you don’t want to tie anyone down, and you want to see her fly no matter what. With you, the days fly by, and the type of lover you never get bored with, the one who inspires you. Although some might describe him as jealous, he’s not really going to put what he values ​​at stake. Leo wants to be given his place and if he is going to be in a relationship he is not going to tolerate any kind of betrayal. 


You are the lover who proudly shouts that he is faithful to the bone. The truth is that you are one of those who do follow the rules when it comes to relating. For you Virgo, commitment is not just anything and I’m not just talking about marriage issues. From the first moment that someone wants to be with you, you make it very clear that your expectations are high and that you are not going to lower them for anyone. You know very well what you expect from life and you are not going to let yourself be manipulated. You may not be the most romantic being, however, you are very loyal, the type of lover who shakes your hand when everyone else leaves. You take things very seriously because you are clear that you do not have to put up with anyone’s mistreatment. If someone starts to suffocate you, you leave. 


Petals in the air, love until dawn, afternoon walks. It’s true, you have a very romantic side and you know it, so much so that even you have to stop yourself from time to time. You are the lover who at first feels scared, you don’t know whether to trust completely and you prefer to protect your heart. However, once you let go, you fully surrender through understanding. There is a part of you that you struggle with, which often makes you feel inferior as if you really did not deserve all that wave of love that your partner offers you. Fortunately, you are a Libra, once you think deeply, you are able to turn the page and focus on living in the moment. Memories are lived with you to tell the grandchildren. 


The lover gets carried away like a blaze of fire in the middle of the night. You are the one with that touch of madness and mystery that surrounds anyone. Passion is not only in your skin or in the way you caress, but also in your words, in your smile, and in those sighs that remain halfway. When you give yourself up, you do it so intensely that you are able to shake off any trace of lovers from the past. It’s not to brag, but you have a cloying way of love, and your company is one of the best coats that life can provide. On your dark side, there is only your jealousy, it gets out of control when you feel threatened, it is because it was so hard for you to trust that you do not want to lose such a beautiful story. Undoubtedly, the worst thing someone can do to you is pay you treason. 


You are the lover who helps to release everything, like that deep sigh you take after a contained cry. You have become the hope of many of those who love you because you do not let them go, you strive to steal a smile from them and you do not take your finger off the line until you achieve it. You like to become the light that helps them break their fears, dare and go out to live what they have always wanted. Also, you are very protective, you will not allow anyone to hurt the person you love. The only bad thing is when they start bossing you around and bossing you around. You can’t tolerate feeling overwhelmed and that’s when you can become a ghost disappearing out of nowhere. 


For you, letting yourself go for the moment is not something that motivates you. That is, you do not need to feel that adrenaline runs through your entire body to value the person who walks next to you. You are a more serene, reliable, and very disciplined lover. For no reason do you minimize the emotions of the person you love, but you also do not intend to force yourself to say something that you do not yet feel? It is very difficult for you to trust the first time, the best proof of love that they can give you is patience because once you feel on the firm ground you are capable of anything to see that person happy. However, it must be made clear that your dignity and self-esteem are not at stake. If something hurts you, you walk away. 


As a lover, you are capable of accelerating the heart, body, and soul of the person who comes into your life. You really like to give yourself in a very passionate way, however, it is difficult for you to do it quickly. It’s not that you pretend, but for a long time, there is the reserved Aquarius and then the one who gives everything for love. You are the type of lover who pays attention to the tastes of her partner, you like to listen to her and see how to help her. Maybe your shy side takes over from time to time, however, it is part of your personality, and you need to get away from it all to maintain your individuality. As long as they respect your ideas and your freedom, everything is fine. However, if they start wanting you to change one behavior after another, you know that’s not it. 


The lover who honors love. He who does not resist everything that his heart dictates, on the contrary, gives himself compassion and persuasion. Pisces is that sweet mixture with a wild touch that makes anyone fall in love. He is brave, delivered, and does not judge. When he loves, he wants the person to feel protected, he respects her and he wouldn’t dare make her feel inferior to anything in the world. It is a sign that she enjoys like nobody else when she meets a healthy person on the way. He doesn’t focus on building something for life but on living in the moment. He is no longer the Pisces who believes that everything ends with a happy ending, but as long as he has the opportunity to love he will, and he will release each of his fears. 

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