According To Your Sign The Type Of Love That You Like And Do Not Intend To Accept Less

The Type Of Love That You Like

According To Your Sign The Type Of Love That You Like And Do Not Intend To Accept Less

True love talks a lot about finding the right partner, but when someone really cares about you it shows, there’s no need to embellish their behavior. Loving is spending time, but it goes beyond answering messages. It is a commitment every day, that the other shows you facts and their feelings and that you can correspond in the same way. The type of love that you like and do not intend to accept less according to your sign:


You don’t like being told no, you’re used to having your will done and it’s not on a whim, it’s because they show you that what comes out of your mouth matters. You are determined, and strong and your personality enjoys breaking with the established. The type of love you like is daring, intense, and deep. Superficialities bore you very quickly. 


When it comes to involving your feelings, you are doubly shy, having a hard time showing others that you have weaknesses. It’s not just out of fear, your experiences have shown you that there are those who can use that against you. Therefore, your type of love is empathic, if someone is unable to put themselves in your shoes, they have nothing to do with you. 


A part of you doesn’t stop, you love falling in love on a very deep level, but you’re not going to fall for the first one who tells you that you are wonderful. Your personality is quite fickle, but that is not an argument for them to say that you do not commit. Your type of love is cautious, but with the energy of a roller coaster. 


You are romantic, crazy, impulsive, and Cancer. You don’t like to stay with the desire for nothing. For a while, they made you feel guilty for everything that came out of your heart, but not anymore. Now, you understood that most people lack kindness. Your type of love is complacent, but that does not mean that you will allow yourself to be humiliated. To set limits, nobody beats you, you do it without fear. 


You like things big, it is impossible for people not to turn to see you and you know how to handle popularity, you were definitely born to be a leader and you love it. However, not everyone is prepared to deal with such brightness. Leo, you are a loyal, admirable, but especially genuine sign. That’s your kind of love, the one who doesn’t lie, the one who wants everything or nothing. 


Nobody is saying that your love is a secret, but when you give yourself away you like to put discretion first, not only for yourself but also for the other person. However, you are extremely perfectionist, you are not going to put your emotions at risk. Your kind of love is the one that embraces trust. If the person does not make you feel comfortable, you better leave. 


Balance for you is a key piece in the relationship, if everything is not in its place you start to feel insecure and even frustrated. You like adventures and also break with the routine, without losing sight of the main objective. Your type of love is adventurous and romantic, but with the intention of forming something long-term, you do not like momentary ties. 


Without a doubt, Scorpio, your way of seeing life is very fervent, you have never been the type of person who is waiting to be told what to do. You like to break the rules and add a touch of madness to everything you do. Therefore, your type of love is a little reckless, but always with the goal of keeping memories for a lifetime, everything that goes against monotony. 


Your soul is restless, independent, and with the desire to savor everything around you. They say that you are difficult to fall in love with and it is true because you have known so many hearts that it would be absurd for you to fall at first. Your type of love is sincere, outgoing, and very deep. Half of the relationships make you sick, you will not accept a relationship like that. 


Of course, you deserve all the attention, understanding, and love in the world. Capricorn, you like your feelings to be valued from the first moment, you are not going to wait for them to treat you well when they are ready. If someone already has a broken heart, they must be clear that you are not going to repair it. Your type of love is affectionate, but rigid because your demands are respected, there is no more. 


Your expectations are high because you know that your abilities are many and that it is enough that you propose something for you to fulfill them. You are humanitarian and self-sufficient and your level of intellect is high, so much so that you do not let yourself be impressed by the first person who says nice things to you. Your type of love is relaxed, but not permissive, they have to win. 


Your creativity is unique, Pisces, you are naturally given to writing, singing, dancing, and everything that involves putting your emotions on the table. You do not let into your world people who are not moved by the pain of others. Solidarity is very important to you, you would never get involved with someone who is incapable of helping others. Your type of love is very compassionate. 

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