According To Your Sign The Defect You Should Work On In May 2023

Defect You Should Work On In May 2023

According To Your Sign The Defect You Should Work On In May 2023

May puts us to the test, with the end of the eclipse season there are traits of our personality that can no longer hold us back in our lives. If you don’t pay attention and work on those flaws, the universe will put you in awkward situations to take care of them. Remember that he only wants to propel you towards something much better, a new version of yourself that is much more evolved. If you want to start working on this, keep reading and you will find the defect that you should work on in May 2023 according to your sign.


You can no longer keep closing yourself off in terms of your deepest emotions, they are the ones that make you jump, get angry and bring out the worst in you. When someone points out something you don’t like to see about yourself, you get defensive instead of looking at why it bothers you so much that they’re saying it to you. Perhaps you feel that you are not enough or that you cannot fail at anything. Observe yourself, look straight at your wounds, and take care of them.


The time has come to trust others a little more, not go behind your relationships snooping on the sly in case they are hiding something from you. Things, if any, are going to come out no matter what you do. You can rest easy with that Taurus. But in return, you must work on your need to control everything, your possessiveness, and your most jealous side. Control is an illusion, you can’t have it, it’s better to flow with life and enjoy the little pleasures instead of worrying. 


In this month of May, you will have to learn to commit yourself to small routines. Talk and promise fewer things, focus on getting them done, and be able to hold onto what’s important for a while. You can’t keep changing your mind or course every moment because that will make it difficult to trust yourself and your abilities. It’s time to keep what you promise to others and to yourself, Gemini. Focus!


This month you have to forget about your insecurities, Cancer. You may fail or you may not get the attention you would like but this is only a matter of time before it changes. You can’t keep feeling less or distrusting your brilliance. Keep your head up and believe in yourself. Don’t blame others for feeling less, because you give yourself the value. Stop falling into victimizing attitudes and take charge of taking your place.


Instead of getting angry and outraged when someone points out a mistake, you are going to have to learn to objectively listen and analyze what the other person is saying. Just because something can be improved doesn’t mean everything you do is wrong. You must learn to accept criticism from others in a healthy way. Being open-minded and not taking it personally can help you evolve in many aspects of your life. 


It’s enough to shut yourself down as soon as someone disagrees with you. You leave and do not allow any kind of communication. It is the same as when you are hurt, you turn around and go back to your world, separated from the rest, with no possibility of expressing what has upset you. May is a month for you to learn to communicate so that you reconsider whether others are really understanding what you want to say.


You think that people are worth what they show you on social networks, in the way they dress, or in everything they have on a material level. You judge without knowing and May will ask you to learn humility and really see the human being in front of you. You have removed valuable people from your life, just because they were not as successful as you think they should be. Life will give you a lesson sooner or later.


Focus on you, Scorpio. May asks you to stop talking about others, to be aware of the lives of others. It’s time to stop the gossip, the gossip, and the time you spend analyzing what people are doing. Talking about others has to stop. Start taking care of working what is missing in your life, reborn yourself, and relate honestly with your partner or partners.


Put your feet on the ground, Sagittarius. You are not capable of assuming your darkest part, you do not want to see harmful attitudes that you have unconsciously. Nor do you accept that there are people you love who have also been able to do things that are not so luminous… May is going to force you to see these attitudes that are already coming to light if you are not capable of seeing them for yourself and assuming them to be able to work them


Stop living in the grid and get creative once and for all, Capricorn. This will be the best way to reach your goals, getting out of the mold. Stop freaking out if something is out of the norm. And learn to let yourself be seen, without fear. Nothing happens if you are not like the others, nobody can judge you. The world needs different people who bring new and innovative things. Don’t manipulate the image you want to give so much, others need to see who you really are.


You always demand and expect things, but you are not capable of giving anything deep, Aquarius. No commitments, no care, no attention. But you do expect others to be there for you. This month you will have to start thinking a little about how those around you are feeling about your attitudes and work on this defect.


You cannot continue thinking that you are the center of the universe and falling into victimizing attitudes. It’s time to reflect on life, to be able to see. Perhaps it is not that everything bad happens to you, but that you need to mature a little. Accept your mistakes and not repeat them.

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