According To Your Sign How Zen You Are

How Zen You Are?

According To Your Sign How Zen You Are

Losing your nerve is something that happens to all of us, although some more than others, right? And it’s not easy to control yourself sometimes. We know it well. But, sometimes, maybe we should learn to be a little more “zen” and live life more, don’t you think? Let go of everything that is imposed on us, know how to live in the moment, be ourselves,… Well, here we tell you how Zen you are according to your Zodiac sign.


Although you may be a calm person, in general, you also get crazy in certain situations; in several, rather. And you are pure dynamite. Keep in mind that this can cause problems with anxiety, so it wouldn’t hurt to control yourself a little. What you do have good is that you are open to experiences and, with this, you will be able to build this life that you are looking for so much.


You are zen in all aspects of your life and you love taking care of yourself. The truth is that you usually bring peace to everyone around you and, therefore, you are always surrounded by good friends. Although, on some occasions, you lose your temper due to your stubbornness, you are generally a person who can be counted on when looking for peace of mind. However, you stop being Zen when you cling to ideas that, in most cases, are instilled in you from your childhood. Remember that you must build your own ideas and beliefs.


You’re quite zen, really. Much more than it may seem at first glance. Yes, it is true that you go for days, correct? But, as a general rule, you tend to take things calmly and, above all, people can talk to you, which is a lot.


Full Zen! Say yes. You are very good with your life and you love being surrounded by what is genuine and calm. We are sure that, even in your home, you bring Zen to the fullest. TRUE? You have many of the principles that govern Zen philosophy and, therefore, you have the ability (if you want to use it) to improve your life by following this current. Keep going like this, keep exploiting your most zen side, and you will see how the bad vibes of others will not affect you as much.


Well, yours has a point of discussion. You know that, right? Of course yes! If you take things calmly, in your case, the earth shakes. Let’s say you are zen when things are going more or less well for you and when problems are not going with you. You are zen when it comes to mediating conflicts. But what happens when it’s something that affects you personally? Ah! We wanted to see you there. So you really lose your nerve, right? Try to control a little more and you will see how you will be calmer in general.


Is being Zen something that suits you? The truth is yes. But, Virgo, there is a little problem. You are zen only when you think about it. That is, you usually have to go through a situation that has hurt you to get to this point. And, when you have been calm for a long time, you become a powder keg again. Try to maintain stability, because you are a person who can suffer a lot from anxiety, and going from one extreme to the other is not good. Also, and most importantly: you can’t live off what others think of you. Be fully zen: build your own image and don’t let the external modify it.


You are totally zen! And you love it, we know it well. There is no better way to go through life than with the balance that you have. However, it is also true that being Zen is not only about being calm but also about the way you see life. Keep in mind that sometimes you have a hard time making decisions and everything is related. Extend this peace of mind that you usually achieve in some situations and you will see how life becomes much easier for you.


Scorpio, Zen? Not at all and you know it very well. Even though you know how to maintain your composure in many moments, inside you are angry. Recognize it. You know it as well as we do. You should try to relax a little more because you can’t always be defensive. It won’t do you any good, and deep down, you know it. Furthermore, you are a person who gets carried away by labels and this causes you to greatly distort all the experiences in your life. Try to open your mind more and experience the moment.


You are full of Zen. You know how to flow with life and you have your way of being that does not change at all. You live according to your ideas and savor life at all times. You know how to live from day to day and you don’t worry about tomorrow. Furthermore, you are lucky to be a person who builds himself, day by day, based on his experiences. As we say: Flowing with life is being Zen. And you, you know how to do it!


Not as much as Sagittarius, but there you go. You are a person who does not live by what others say or think. You like to experiment and form your own beliefs. You don’t like being told what you should do or how you should behave. You are you and you love yourself just the way you are. Bravo! It’s the best you can do. Keep shaping your life, adapting to everything that comes your way, and, at the end of the day, living to the fullest.


You do have some zen and this is the ease with which you defend your way of being and your way of living life. You don’t care what others think of you and this is something that helps you believe in yourself more and not be influenced by the energies of others. However, being Zen also implies analyzing oneself and discarding those beliefs that are imposed on us and that dominate, on occasion, our way of acting. This is where we think you should work harder to finally have the peaceful life you are looking for.


It can be said that you have the zen side of tranquility when dealing with small problems. But, you are also a person who gets carried away a lot by others and this only leads you to live experiences that are not at all positive for you. In addition, you become very attached to everything you have, especially when we talk about love relationships. And this cannot be because then you become destabilized. You should live your life and not take anything as permanent. Life moves and so do relationships. Love freely and live in the moment. You will enjoy it much more.

Being Zen does not mean being calm, but rather looking at life with different eyes. We must put aside everything related to the beliefs that have been imposed on us, the labels that others put on us (or that we believe they put on us) and, finally, live according to our ideals. We will experience life better and we will live it to the fullest.

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