According To Your Sign How You Should Act When They Lie To You

When They Lie To You

According To Your Sign How You Should Act When They Lie To You

There are times when it even seems ridiculous how blatantly people lie. They build so many castles in their heads that they end up believing all the garbage that comes out of their mouths. It’s rare when someone doesn’t know the truth, we all have that sixth sense that tells us when something is wrong, but sometimes we decide to pretend we don’t know anything to see how far they are capable of going. No, don’t be sorry, lies should never be welcome. Every zodiac sign has the right to act as they please when being lied to and these would be great options. How should you act when you are lied to based on your sign?


The first thing to clarify is your emotions, how do you feel? If that makes you feel sad, angry, or frustrated, you are within your rights. Do not suppress what you want to say, it is important that you do not keep all the bad vibes of the other. Sometimes you think your impulsive side is overreacting, but it’s only helping you have the courage not to stop mid-word. The only thing you should try to control is your aggressive side, you may want that person to pay for what he did to you, but it is not good to get your hands dirty for any liar. Say what you have to say and then walk away. In time you will thank life. 


One of the things that breaks you the most are lies, it’s very hard for you to face the idea that someone you loved with your soul didn’t touch their heart to hurt you like that. Your foolish side can’t understand and you don’t forgive it, it’s not a lie, it’s the person you deposited your whole life in and didn’t value it. You know that you could not trust them again, no matter how much love you have for them, it will not be the same and it is best to let go. However, you must remain calm, not lose control, and analyze your decisions with a cool head. The best thing is that you walk away for a couple of hours and come to a conclusion. You are very intelligent, do not let anger dominate you. 


For you lies are something absurd, you find it hard to believe that someone has to pretend to be accepted. It’s hard to realize that the person you told everything to seemed to have you with a blindfold on and by showing her true face of her it is practically impossible for her not to hurt you deeply. Gemini, you talk non-stop, you are not afraid to say what you feel and you always try to give that comfort to the other. So when they betray you they don’t have a chance with you, it’s a final goodbye. The only thing you should do is control your emotional part, and let your logical and intelligent side determine the best for both of you. It is not worth investing energy in revenge, be thankful that you realized it in time. 


You get tired, people think that your heart is ready to take one crack after another, but no. There are times when you feel like it and you no longer want to deal with souls who do not know the value of honesty. Yes, you forgive, however, that is not synonymous with the fact that the doors of your life will continue to be open. Lying is not welcome in your relationships, and you don’t think of submerging yourself in a bubble of perfection when things are not like that. It is time to put a stop, to show people that you also have a strong character and are not willing to tolerate stupidity. The moment you discover the lie, let them know that there is no turning back, that your dignity is greater than that and that you don’t want to hear from them again. Don’t settle for less Cancer. 


Please, Leo, never allow your emotions to dominate your intelligence. You are a very reckless sign and rarely anything scares you. However, your anger is unreliable when you are being lied to and you know it very well. The bad thing is that at the moment you don’t understand the reasons and all you want is for that person to feel a little bit of your pain. Loyalty to you is sacred and when your trust is betrayed it’s like your heart being ripped. Your head starts to analyze everything and nothing at the same time, which makes your stress level skyrocket. The first thing you have to do is take a deep breath, run away from the scene to get some air, and don’t fall for their provocations. The important thing is that you already realized that this person was not what you thought. 


If there is something in this life that is difficult for you, it is to forgive. It is because you are extremely selective when it comes to sharing your emotions. For you to trust, time needs to pass and if after all that the person decides to betray you, you get angry. You don’t care if it’s something serious or the famous white lie. Lying is lying and you are not here to give second chances to anyone. You don’t trust someone to change, maybe after a lot of effort, but in that case, you don’t have patience. The only thing left for you to do is say goodbye to that person and adjust your pants well so as not to beg. Don’t let the other see you defeated, let your pride help you get up and show that you can. 


For you, lies are much more than a stone in your shoe, Libra, they embitter your existence so much that you would like it to be a nightmare so as not to face them. Libra, you flee from conflict and you always strive to make your relationships healthy, but it is very difficult to realize that people are not always what they promise and attacks from behind often come from who you least expect. You may forgive, but you don’t forget. What you should do is not take the situation so lightly, thoroughly analyze what happened and let go once and for all. It’s not fair that you sink into pain for someone so disloyal. Clean slate, there are many valuable people waiting for your company. 


Lies to you are more than a headache. You are not willing to let go of such an important event in your life. The bad thing is that they leave you with such a bitter taste that you no longer carry out your activities as usual. Of course, your mind doesn’t help much, because it goes to the root of the matter and raises a thousand questions that you need to answer in order to let go. Many may believe that you are going to forgive and let everything be as before, but you only want answers for the final goodbye. What you should do is put a stop, don’t let someone else’s instability affect you. If you want to recover your peace, it is essential that you let go of the person and everything that could be. The lie happened, don’t forget it. 


Life is like that, you never expect that the person you put your hands in the fire for turns out to be a first-rate traitor, Sagittarius. It is hard to accept when there is so much love from you, but fortunately, your light side takes the reins of the situation and lets everything flow. It’s not that it doesn’t hurt, it’s that you don’t plan to put your heart at double risk by clinging to a situation that hurts you. You prefer to make your own idea in your head, not retaliate with the other person and move on with your life. However, you should make it clear to him that he did wrong, that it is not fair that he has played with your feelings in this way and that although you do not wish him harm, you expect him to reflect. 


It is quite difficult for someone to see your face, Capricorn. At first glance, it seems that you do not listen to your intuition, but you really have a radar to detect bad actions. You are not easily manipulated and you often catch lies long before you confront that person. It is impossible that you do not get angry at the moment, your face says it all and your bad temper shakes the first one that appears your way. However, what you should do is really let go, don’t get hooked on what he did or said. Let karma teach you the lesson from him and step aside. It’s more satisfying to see each piece end up in place without getting your hands dirty. Trust a little. 


The thing is clear, you hate with all your being when someone has the nerve to lie to you after many times you sacrificed yourself to steal a smile. It seems to you the lowest thing a person can do, it has a lot to do with values, and gratitude towards the other is practically nil. Normally, when you discover his wrongdoing, you let your serene part take action on the matter, you are not going to let that damage your honesty. The only thing you should do is root out the bond with that person. It’s fine if you stay with the positive, but don’t try to make up for what he did, because that will only end up damaging you twice as much. Use your logic and stick with what really calms you down, nothing is worth dragging. 


It’s true, your empathic side doesn’t always favor you, Pisces, there are times when you find so much good in the other that you forget what really matters and don’t pay attention to the warning signs. You have a habit of loving so deeply that people take advantage of it and think that you will end up forgiving being lied to your face. However, your intuition does not abandon you, it warns you when things are bad, but it is difficult for you to let go from one day to the next. It’s okay to take your time, but you shouldn’t allow yourself to be encouraged to change your mind. Remember that if that person hurts you, you don’t have to settle or put up with anything. You know that your resilience is great and there is nothing that can bring you down, open your eyes and give yourself the opportunity to meet someone else. 

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